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Scotland - A potential “world leader” in precision medicine

October, 2018

A Developing method for the treatment and prevention of various diseases that considers the individual persons gene variability, lifestyle and the environment. With this approach, The doctors and researchers diagnose more precisely and provide that treatment strategies for that individual.

In 2015, US President Obama, declared a $215 million funding for the precision medicine initiative. Similar to this, recently, First Minister of Scotland, announced (£4m) ~$5.2 million for Precision Medicine Ecosystem over the next three years to support the development of the Precision Medicine Ecosystem. The Scotland has three main advantages such as superior quality of academic research, ease in setting up businesses to commercialize research and the information available from NHS Scotland.

Previously this year, in June 2018, a “Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC)” a multi-million-pound drug manufacturing center was planned to be located in the Renfrewshire region. This ~74.0 million (£56m) worth plant is likely to provide 80 highly skilled jobs in the next five years. This is first of its kind in the world and is also expected to attract ~105 million (£80m) of R&D investment by 2028. A significant backing is provided by The UK government, with UK Research and Innovation financing ~17.18 million (£13m) through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

According to Business minister Paul Wheelhouse, this advancement in the Life science and chemical science sectors is to be immensely advantageous to the economy of Scotland. The government completely intend this venture will drive sector progress anywhere medicines manufacturing transpires in Scotland.

- Rikitha K Murthy,
Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research