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Recycled Plastics Turns into Asphalt Roads

October, 2018

Dow Thailand group and Siam Cement Group join hands to convert recycled plastics into asphalt roads. Thailand is one of the top contributor of plastic ocean debris.  As per the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, the country contributes around 11.5 million tonnes of waste including, 1.5 million tonnes of plastics. The conversion of recycled plastics into asphalt road will help decelerate the plastic marine debris, and will bring down the green house gas emissions and enhance the road performance.

This project will positively impact Dow’s 2025 sustainability goals. The goal to regulate economy and confront the environmental issues, spread awareness regarding about recycling and reuse of plastics and creating supportable business environment for producers and as well as consumers.

Dow has partnered with various local organizations like SCG who try to create a better environment and sustainable regulated economy. Dow partnered with various such local organizations in India and Indonesia to convert recycled plastics to asphalt roads.  In India, around 100 metric tonnes of recycled plastics were utilized to manufacture roads that were 40 kilometres long in cities like Pune and Bangalore. Also in Depok, Indonesia 3.5 metric tonnes of plastic was converted into roads stretching around 2 kilometres.

The new technology of conversion of recycled plastics to asphalt roads is very relieving as now plastic waste won’t be landfilled and oceans won’t be littered.  This new initiative will positively impact the people’s living.

— Vasundhra Singh,
Assistant Research Executive,
Infoholic Research