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Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

September, 2018

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) software helps in anticipating maintenance needs of equipment and assists in avoiding unscheduled downtime in manufacturing. PdM software monitors the device produced in-memory data connecting to various manufacturing sensors. The data from devices help in deducing insights regarding the condition of equipment and helps in minimizing downtime and optimize product life. PdM software analyses various data collected from sensors and provides the performance details of equipment or parts. PdM offers higher uptime and enhances equipment life with actionable insights to professionals. PdM software accumulates data in regular intervals and influx of new technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, ML are contributing in better PdM solutions support for manufacturing industry.

Benefits -:

Minimizing downtime - Manufacturing units need maintenance strategies that does not hamper the production of the plant. The PdM solutions help in estimating the maintenance schedule and minimize cost due to downtime. Manufacturing organizations often face issues where they choose either to replace the non-performing equipment or repair the equipment to enhance the product life of the part in manufacturing and calculate downtime required for these operations.

Maximizing product life - It is essential to evaluate the life cycle of parts or equipment in a manufacturing facility. The PdM solution can help in determining factors affecting the performance and how long it can function before breaking. The maintenance professionals are to decide which is cost-effective way, an early repair or replacement of parts where production is not negotiated.

Technologies impacting Predictive Maintenance

IoT - IoT is one of the technologies that has greatly improvised the functionalities of PdM. Continuous data flow from sensors regarding temperature, vibration, and others get converted into useful information and help in decision-making regarding the equipment longevity.

Smart Manufacturing - The conversion of manufacturing facilities into smart factory has enhanced the usage of M2M and analytics software that greatly enhance the operations of manufacturing unit with better and planned decisions. Digital technologies and Industry 4.0 have impacted significantly in the management of manufacturing with enhanced data communication and automation in processes.

The implementation of PdM in a manufacturing facility helps in reducing overall maintenance costs, inventory costs and less supervision time. It helps in planned downtime and predict possible failure occurrences in future. Unlike reactive or preventive maintenance, PdM solutions optimizes the equipment or part usage and predict possible failure scenario of equipment impacting manufacturing over a period.

- Swarup Bhowal,
Research Analyst - ICT,
Infoholic Research