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Perks of Artificial Sweetener

August, 2018

Artificial Sweetener are low calorie products which are used as substitute for sugar. Various food authorities (FDA in US) approves the sweeteners that can be sold out in the market. Some of the most commonly available sweeteners are Acesulfame potassium, Aspartame, Sucralose, D-Tagatose, and Saccharin. The artificial sweetener is becoming very popular amongst the people as it sweetens the food without giving any extra calories. The diabetic people count has been going up consistently due to numerous reasons such as unhealthy diet, high sugar intake, lazy lifestyle, and others. The International Diabetes Federation stated that the number of diabetic people currently stands at 425 million i.e., higher than complete population in the US. This is further expected to grow almost to 1.5 times by 2045, reaching 629 million.

Some of the major boons of artificial sweetener are:

  • It helps the people fighting diabetics for both prevailing and preventive measures. It helps in controlling the sugar level in blood unlike sugar. By reducing the sugar intake in the body, they reduce the chances of being diabetic.

  • Another factor owing to shift from sugar to artificial sweetener is due to its characteristic of helping less calorie intake and satisfying a sweet tooth at same time. People aiming to lose weight use artificial sweetener and not sugar as it aids to weight loss and also helps in maintaining the lost weight.

  • The increasing consumption of junk Food and sodas has led to various issues such as Obesity and depression. Junk food spoils the healthy eating habits and fails to provide various nutrients required for the body to function well. The artificial sweetener utilisation helps to keep calories in track and to fight diseases like obesity & depression.

  • The usage of artificial sweeteners in baked and cooked desserts or food helps beneficial for the teeth. Usage of sugar attracts oral bacteria to attack the sugar stuck in teeth, causing tooth decay. Utilisation of artificial sweeteners helps to prevent the tooth decay.

Artificial sweeteners have always been a topic of debate. The pros and cons are clear, but some speculations mix up things. For example, Stevia is popularly known in these days as a sugar substitute but its not approved by FDA. So, the producers sell it as a dietary supplement to avoid regulator hurdle. Another major debatable issue is regarding Saccharin being a carcinogenic. There is no ban on this substitute because of absence of any substantial facts to prove otherwise. The various options of the artificial sweeteners can be debated with respect to their quality utilization and the impact. But, the necessity for artificial sweetener cannot be avoided to improve general health of communities around.

– Vasundhra Singh,
Assistant Research Executive,
Infoholic Research