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Patient Centric Approach – To Transform the Medical Experience of Patients

May, 2019

The need of consumerism has changed the entire expectation from healthcare service providers. Customer expectations have become high with regard to diagnostic, treatment, and prognosis covering all aspects of patient care. This radical change has become a trend incorporating new business models in healthcare segments. Furthermore, the industry is fueled by the proliferation of technology and is empowered by various possibilities in treatment for patients with increased demand in change in care and administration.

The continuous development in healthcare IT and increasing acceptance in innovation has forced many diagnostic entities to embrace and stay ahead in the value-driven system. Today, technology is playing a major role with a disruptive dynamic in patient–provider relationship. Patients have more choices and options when it comes to manage their own medical conditions, along with medical insurance being the non-linear part in medical treatment.

To hospitals and diagnostics who had thought of changing and providing patients a holistic service or patient centric approach should now think to shift to a new technology. A shift from traditional methods to advanced healthcare service methods is expected to drive huge cost to hospitals and other healthcare service providers. To adopt the change; complete make over in the technology and supportive systems must be compromised, which is a major challenge. However, starting from small health service departments and units can bring a significant change in patient care, supervision, security, surveillance requirements, resources, and reduce redundant activities that often come at the cost of zero convenience.

Digital healthcare: It brings effective management in patient’s health and guide healthcare professionals to be proactive with proper support to all medical conditions. This makes an easy entry for all healthcare service providers to solve the human-centric problem and allow access to measure all parameters related to patient care. Further, digitalization will bring smooth workflow environment and drive a measurable return on investment.

  • Most of the leading healthcare players are investing in consumer genetics field and Medtech for pharma and medical devices products

  • Large number of collaborations, partnerships, and agreements among IT giants and healthcare leaders is one of the primary drivers in the patient centric approach

  • Innovation is mostly done in the outpatient department (OPD) to increase the efficiency in healthcare delivery with high quality and enhanced patient outcome

Patient centric approach will enable better clinical decision making and provide simple, effective, and standardized methods to focus on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases.

- Mohammed Azhar
Senior Research Analyst
Infoholic Research