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Measuring Effectiveness of Campaigns through Crowd Insights

January, 2019

In the era of big data, there is huge value of the available data. Collecting the information about people (crowd) and analysing the data to provide insights is what crowd analytics is all about. Various industries have the opportunity to determine the effectiveness of their marketing campaign, advertising and promotions.

Few companies offering crowd analytics solutions for measuring effectiveness of advertisement and marketing campaigns are Nokia, SightCorp, Walkbase, Mira, DFRC to name few.

How it Works?

By placing the cameras in the marketing displays it can be observed that how the particular demographics react to advertisement and then results can be examined to check how effective the marketing campaign and advertisement is. Sensors and cameras are placed on the digital signage to collect the data and know about the emotions, attention span and behaviours of the crowd. By knowing the reaction of crowd during new product launches and analysing their emotion and behaviour about the product campaign effectiveness can be known. Crowd analytics also helps in enhancing the marketing campaigns by providing details about the potential customers.

Example - Dune London, a global player in fashion footwear uses the Walkbase solutions for gaining the real-time insights about advertising effectiveness and customer journey to improve the shopping experience and customer engagement in their stores.


Crowd analytics can be applied for measuring the effectiveness of a campaign by monitoring the number of people passing by and comparing it with number of actual viewers who engaged with the brand or product. By analyzing the people’s emotions, attention span, and demographics, customer experience about the product or brand can be understood. Crowd analytics helps in identifying which locations attracts more viewers and high engagement levels. With the real-time crowd analytics, analyzing people in a selected location is feasible. This helps in increasing the efficiency of campaigns by enabling advertisers to reach different audiences with relevant content.

– Sonam Chawla, 
Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research