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Managed Network Services For Ever Changing Network Requirements

September, 2018

Managed network services are the functions and services which organizations outsource to replace their in-house IT services. Managed network services ranges from LAN/WLAN management, unified communications to SD-WAN connections, virtual network services, network consulting services and network implementation services.

With the growing implementation of technologies like software-defined wide-area-network (SD-WAN) and hybrid multi-cloud networks, the demand for managed network services is expected to increase due to complexity of these networks and low skill levels of inhouse IT to manage these technologies. Managed network services enable organizations to focus on their core services and reduces burden of those organizations which are in need to implement ‘anything as a service’. Managed network services manage endpoint centrally, modify endpoints configuration globally and deploy policies on demand which automatically routes the traffic around distinct network paths on the basis of application needs, bandwidth demand and network quality.

As various Industry experts says that managed network services can save cost up to 30% and thus plays a key role for deploying managed network services. Major vendors offering managed network services include AT&T, Cisco Systems, HCL, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent among others.

Benefits of Managed Network Services

Enhanced Visibility - Managed network services offers complete visibility from the core network to devices with improved and combined reporting which helps in reducing unplanned downtime and complexity across networks.

Improved Business Performance - By improving network operations and application performance, managed network services enhances productivity, improve agility, lower costs, and customer service which improves business performance.

Enhanced Security - Managed network services offers 24*7 monitoring of network which enhances security to protect the network and provides early warning of cybersecurity threats and develop the right security strategy for organizations.

Focus on core Business - Managed network services provides day to day operational support which reduces burden from IT staff so that they can focus on core business activities which deliver high value to an organization.

Ease and Flexible - Managed network services are easily customized as per the requirements with minimal risk and delays, which simplify management and provide higher network capacity at a lower cost.

Managed network service enables an expert to monitor, manage and control the entire network of an organization. Managed network services market is expected to show an impressive growth during next few years due to various benefits associated with it to improve the business operations. Various MSP’s are coming up with consumption-based pricing model which will redefine the way of services being delivered. Telecom and IT sector occupy a significant share in the managed network services market, with huge growth potential in APAC and MEA regions.

Sonam Chawla,
Research Associate,
Infoholic Research