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Managed Mobility Services - To Reduce Organization’s Burden

October, 2018


Managed Mobility Services is a term used for procurement, and/or deployment or management of mobile devices which connect the mobile workforce with the organization’s environment, along with secured provisioning of the corresponding application software and services. Here procurement means automating and streamline purchasing, provisioning and device activation with integration direct into your existing purchasing system, while deployment signifies, simplifying carrier service and device activation.

With recent trends such as remote working and BYOD managing multiple device platforms and applications becomes very complex for IT departments of organizations. Managed mobility service provider simplifies and reduces the burden of organizations by managing all the complexity, risks and costs associated devices, applications and content i.e. manages mobile environment on behalf of their clients by providing overall visibility in the environment. Managed mobility enables organizations in understanding about where mobile devices are, what they cost to organization, how are they being used, and is the network and data secure.

There are certain benefits associated with managed mobility which includes:

  • Improved bottom-line results

  • Increased mobile workforce productivity

  • Ensures mobile services are optimized

  • Achieving best possible contract Terms, rates, and conditions

  • Gives insight into ownership best practices

Few companies offering Managed Mobility Services

Verizon managed mobility services streamline expenses and control spending by identifying unused devices, rate plan and feature optimization

IBM Managed Mobility Services provides Device enrolment, provisioning and management, End-to-end device lifecycle support, Data backup and file sharing through security-rich cloud, Enterprise app store for all apps on every platform, Enterprise gateway for secure browsing

Tech Mahindra managed mobility services provides order and spend management, asset management, security management, mobile device management, hosted or on premise managed services for end-user support and helpdesk, and Implementation and support services.

AT&T mobility services provide comprehensive solutions that will help organization stay connected and mobilize their business.

Accenture managed mobility services enable enterprises to work with a single provider with a global reach, which helps in reducing complexity.

Cisco solution helps to optimize and manage the experience for many types of users with diverse device, security, and business requirements.

Calero Managed Mobility Services solution covers everything mobile, from ordering devices, strategy development, deployment, configuration, support and expense management, to managing services and securing retired devices when employees leave.

- Sonam Chawla,
Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research