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Introduction of “Companion”

September, 2018

SimpleC, an Atlanta-based healthcare technology company signed a joint venture contract with Jems Technology of Orion Township in 2018. SimpleC's "Companion," a smart software program, encourages patients to stick to their medical care plan. This SimpleC Companion is one of a new generation of artificial intelligence-enhanced software programs.

Infoholic Research LLP

The Companion uses an artificial intelligence platform powered by IBM's Watson, and manages chronic conditions or hospital discharge instructions. Companion can be installed on handheld devices like smartphones or tablets, desktops or laptop computers. Jems Technology also manufactures telehealth devices securely transmits video images and data on patients from ambulances, emergency rooms, skilled nursing facilities and prisons. It can be installed on an intuitive touch-screen computer and activated on its own several times a day as a reminder for medications, activities and mealtimes. It also can offer mental stimulation to guard against anxiety and depression and improve brain health. SimpleC companion has been through multiple studies at Emory University and Johns Hopkins University. It has been used by more than 2,000 patients in 10 states. Each application is custom installed so users can see their own family photographs, hear such familiar audio as favorite music and personalized messages recorded by family members or caregivers.

Henry Ford Village recently signed a contract with SimpleC to conduct a pilot program using Companion with 20 independent living residents who have chronic diseases. Various companies in Southeast Michigan and Canada are either signing agreements to purchase Companion or entering into pilot projects to test the technology. The licensing cost is $119 per patient. Companion is sold in 15 states with more than 2,000 users.

Victor Mukherjee,
Assistant Manager,
Infoholic Research