Market Updates

Intensifying Electrophoretic Display Technology Market

April, 2019

Electrophoretic is an optical component of a film used in electronic paper display (EPS). The e-paper display is filled with thousands of microcapsules, comprising positively charged (white) and negatively charged (Black) pigments suspended in a clear liquid encapsulated in a sealed microcapsules/microcap and coated onto a clear film. E-paper displays consumes extremely less power compared to other displays, as it is bi-stable in nature - consumes power only while updating the images/data. The demand for e-paper display has been increasing rapidly due to its key attributes and features such as lower power consumption, less weight (paper thin), readable in direct sunlight/outdoor environment, and has wide viewing angle close to 180°. Furthermore e-paper displays offers paper-like readability can be comfortably read for extended periods of time, making it as an ideal choice for digital dictionaries, eReaders, magazines, and other emerging future products to replace the traditional printed paper.

Trends: Vendors in the e-paper market have been continuously investing on research and development to advance the e-paper module technology. In the recent past, companies have unveiled a high-quality full colour e-paper display, that are equipped to produce full colour range without the usage of a colour filter array. Most of the end-users/customers of e-papers are positioned in the highly competitive industrial and consumer electronics industries, which are operating on rapidly changing market environment. Considering the huge pent-up demand and the need to shorten e-Paper integration time, manufacturers are focusing on design and development evaluation kits and turkey solutions to reduce e-Paper integration time which eventually shortens the customers product design cycles.

Market Penetration: Market adoption of electronic paper display is increasing across regions, particularly more so in Europe and North America. For instance, e-paper based electronic shelf labels has witnessed high penetration across brick and mortar retail segment in developed economies. In signage business segment, potential customers are shifting to electronic paper display due to its power efficiency, light weight, lower cost, and simplified system solution. Also, the e -paper market has begun to focus on developing other product applications which include wearables, large area signage, architecture, and smart packaging applications. Moreover, electronic paper display complies with low power requirement for IoT functionality and feature, which is expected to offer new business opportunities in long run.

- Delsingh
ICT – Research Analyst
Infoholic Research