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How Vodafone is Enabling Smart Transport for Mobike

October, 2018

Mobike is a Chinese dockless smart bike share company, currently operating in over 180 cities across the globe and has registered over 7 million rides a day in 2017. The company had aggressively expanded its operations to non-Chinese markets, namely Singapore, Japan, Italy, and UK during 2017. With competitive pricing, partnerships with local bike operators, and lower capex due to procuring cycles from Chinese manufacturers, the company has managed to expand its operations to many cities in these countries.

How Vodafone is helping Mobike to do expand?

In 2017, Mobike has entered in a partnership with Vodafone to improve its global operational efficiency by leveraging Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform. The platform enables all smart bicycles to be managed from a single global platform, which uses Vodafone IoT enabled SIM, that is placed in a smart lock. The IoT enabled smart lock tracks real-time location of a bike and produces data insights. These insights will help Mobike to locate their asset in real-time, as well as it updates the operator about the usage patterns across the respective cities.

Mobike is focusing towards changing the day to day commute in the busy cities of the world. The company is focusing on forging partnerships with local governments to expand its global operations.

Consumers seem to be the key challenge for dockless bike sharing companies, through

  • Vandalism

  • Theft and Misuse of vehicles

  • Not parking it in the allocated parking spaces leading to road congestion

  • Fines imposed on ride sharing service providers by local transportation authorities for not parking bikes properly

Analyst view

Despite having partnerships with local bike sharing vendors, it is difficult for Mobike to operate across all the 180 locations without understanding the local regulatory challenges. The partnership with Vodafone helps Mobike to overcome the regulatory challenges by understanding the real-time location of its bikes. However, the recent drawbacks with Mobike’s smart lock has resulted in vandalism and misuse of its vehicles, which resulted in closure of its operations in a few cities across the world. However, the ongoing partnerships with Qualcomm and China Mobile Research Institute are more likely to strengthen Mobike’s global operational efficiency.

– Srujan,
Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research