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Hip’s Don’t Lie: Hip Replacement Surgery ‘same day procedure’

June, 2018

Same day hip replacement procedure is now an outpatient procedure and is trending due to its popular surgical technique used.  3-inch incision is made, which is minimally invasive without muscle cuttings leading to faster recovery. This surgery is performed on specialized surgical table that resulting in less post-operative pain. Hence, surgeons are recommending patients with severe hip or joint chronic pain to undergo total hip replacement surgery to get rid of pain and have faster recovery.

  • Total hip replacement is the most common surgery in the US and about 340,000 people undergo hip replacement every year due to chronic pain and mobility issue caused due to wear and tear (age related), fractures, accidents, and injuries

  • This minimally invasive procedure generally leads to fast and short-term recovery. However, with other traditional surgeries the patients take three to six months to recover

  • Advances in ortho-implants especially in the porous hip implant has significant potential to extend the life of hip replacement by replicating the quality of original bones

  • Emergence of 3D hip replacement has changed the industry acceptance towards hip implants and today these implants have helped surgeons to understand and help patients to have better treatment with longer versions of hip replacement

  • The average cost of the hip replacement (same-day procedure) and the traditional hip replacement is approximately the same cost: it is estimated in range between $38,500 to $42,500 in the US

  • With the usage of current technologies and design, the hip implant survival is expected to have survival rate of more than 20 years with over 90% of the implant

  • Further, the results with computer assisted surgery for total hip replacement is expected to increase the popularity and substantial growth in ASCs

  • Today, hip replacement or hip arthroscopy is one of the most successful joint reconstruction procedure in the orthopedic industry

The goal of this surgery is to return patients to their normal daily activity level as soon as possible and minimize the pain and discomfort caused due to surgery. The maximum number of patients are in their late 40 to early 60’s who are active. These individuals are committed to an at-home recovery plan and have supportive members either from family or friends. The ‘same-day procedure’ will work only when there are members as the actual work or treatment starts once the patient is back home and is guided how to properly get into the bed and use the bathroom. However, there are disqualifications that include: candidate with chronic liver diseases, uncontrolled diabetes, cardiac disease, and other serious medical conditions.

- Azhar
Healthcare Market Research Analyst