Grey Layer in China Reduces


The Chinese government started an initiative known as ‘Blue Sky’. The newly revised action plan for the year 2018 was released on March 21. The ‘Blue Sky’ action plan aims to purify and to maintain the air quality standards. The initiative includes some majorly affected 28 cities to control air pollution. The major focus is to reduce engineering emissions to help reduce the grey layer. The government has come up with various strategies to reduce the emissions by the vehicles and factories. Bicycles are provided to the people near subways, and implementation of Green transport system i.e., electric vehicles with higher efficiency and low emission to reduce air pollution.


One of the major impacts of this implementation will include, ban on trucking raw materials from port to warehouses by 2020, which is expected to boost up the domestic supply, impacting the import price balance. Secondly, the automotive industry would be impacted due to more usage of electric vehicles.

The initiative is promoting use of electric vehicles to reduce vehicle emission causing air pollution. Also, the use of coal was to be minimised in all the potential applications, and natural gas to be promoted as a substitute for being a cleaner fuel. However, the natural gas substitution will be applicable in limited areas considering burnt from negative impact of high prices and shortage of natural gas fired CHP plants demand.

The government is also going to implement higher tariffs to energy intensive industries to withdraw inefficient firms and outdated producers. This would lead to higher production cost. These initiatives have also led to closure of many factories which were polluting the sky.


Summing together, we can say stringent regulations, punitive charges, change in energy source, shutting down polluting plants, and increasing usage of green transport system has led to control air pollution to some extent. The government continues to implement above mentioned factors to clear their blue skies and subside the grey layer from their sky.

– Vasundhra Singh,
Assistant Research Executive,
Infoholic Research