Market Updates

Givaudan Opens Encapsulation Center

February, 2019

Givaudan opens first fragrance encapsulation center for the Asia Pacific market in Singapore.  Investment of CHF 15 million will support the centre. The facility opened will offer customers with a complete range of olfactive using the best quality encapsulates for their home and personal care brands.

As per Maurizio Volpi, President of Givaudan’s Fragrance Division, the key source of achieving 2020 strategy will be the new facility of fragrance encapsulation coming up in Singapore for APAC region. The facility will be a major driver owing to the fact that the team would be around and near customers and have access the major markets in the region and would be able to understand the requisites effectively and provide the solution. Givaudan is investing significantly in both the development of the current technology and in new biodegradable capsules for categories such as fabric or personal care.

With four levels of effective production technology, warehousing, distribution, and a dedicated lab specialised in the development of durable fragrances solutions, the fragrance encapsulation centre will be an enrichment to the existing capabilities of the Creative Centre, production hub and Perfumery School which were operational in 2015. The fragrance encapsulation centre which is designed and built for a sustainable production environment, has been certified with the ‘Green Mark’ by the Singapore Building and Construction Authority.

About Givaudan: Givaudan is a major manufacturer of flavors and fragrances. It is headquartered in Switzerland. It develops flavors and scents for food and beverage makers, and also utilized in household goods, as well as grooming and personal care products and perfumes. Givaudan’s flavors and fragrances are usually customized as per the need. Currently present in all major markets, Givaudan focuses to deliver fragrances for personal, home and laundry care, as well as prestige perfumes.

— Vasundhra Singh,
Assistant Research Executive,
Infoholic Research