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Future of Remote Monitoring Devices

February, 2019

Real-time and remote patient monitoring devices have changed the face of healthcare increasingly. Today getting preventive care outside hospital setting has become seamless and may startups, have developed products and services that have revolutionized the medical care by streamlining the costs. Remote patient monitoring devices are evolving in the healthcare sector and has spread widely across the medical field. Importance of remote patient monitoring devices has played a vital role in onsite hospitals, clinics, at home clinics, and remote areas where the population is less especially in developing countries.

Manufacturers are continuously focusing in transforming healthcare with new technologies and new devices by providing advanced solutions to healthcare access. The focus in healthcare industry is shifting to value-based and most of the vendors are providing patient-centric care and outcomes. The advances in medical devices especially remote patient monitoring and implantable patient monitors have drawn keen interest in the market. Continuous monitoring of health status at home instead of going to hospitals and certainly leading too traditional health vis telehealth is lead to provision of such services. Remote patient monitoring technology includes physiological monitoring such as blood pressure monitors, weight monitors, temperature etc.). These devices are used as conjunction with telehealth by home burses and many disease management programs. Self-monitoring technology and remote monitoring devices used mobile medical devices and are useful in community-based care coordination (CCC) programs. Therefore, the increase useful and featured mobile health solutions has resulted in rising demand for remote patient monitoring devices.

IOT in patient monitoring - The integration of IoT functionally in-patient monitoring devices has given great promises for bringing high value care especially for elderly patients with chronic conditions and for individual who require constant supervision. The tremendous growth in IoT healthcare features sensors, actuators, and other mobile application that allow patient data to be transmitted and monitored continuously on a cloud-based platform. Also, these devices can help to alert nurses and physicians on important changes in vital signs.

– Mohammed Azhar,
Senior Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research