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Fujifilm Increasing Focus in its Healthcare Business

October, 2018

The healthcare industry is a dynamic segment, which exclusively deals with the necessity of providing and maintaining quality living of everyone. With the assistance of flourishing technology and an evident gradual increase in healthcare expertise, this sector is expected to be the next major industry for investments and acquisitions from MNCs worldwide. One such development has lately come in to notice. Fujifilm Holdings Corp. has lately made a noteworthy extension in the healthcare sector.

Few of the recent activities intended by Fujifilm to ensure its feet in the Healthcare industry:

  • In April 2018, Fujifilm introduced two surgical visualization systems, namely FUJIFILM Ultra-Slim Video Laparoscope System and FUJIFILM Full High-Definition Surgical Visualization System. The company entered the US minimally invasive surgery market via the launch of the above-mentioned surgical systems.

  • In October 2018, the company launched the FCT Embrace. The FCT Embrace, which is powered by Analogic is the world's first 85cm wide bore computed tomography (CT) imaging unit with 64 or 128 slice configurations, optimized for oncology and radiology applications. This system is expected to enhance CT simulation and radiotherapy treatment planning capabilities of Fujifilm.

  • In August 2018, Fujifilm entered a joint research agreement with Indiana University School of Medicine, to develop the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical imaging diagnostic support systems. The purpose of this partnership is to associate Fujifilm’s image processing and AI technology with the exclusive diagnostic and clinical expertise of the Indiana University School of Medicine to develop medical AI technology.

  • In April 2017, the company acquired Wako Pure Chemical Industries for $1.3 billion. Wako Pure Chemical Industries had the supply of almost 200,000 lab chemicals and used to produce diagnostic reagents and fine chemicals used in the life sciences and electronics industries. This acquisition is expected to boost Fujifilm's presence in the fine chemicals and life sciences sectors.

  • In June 2018, Fujifilm acquired Irvine Scientific Sales Company Inc. for almost $800 million. With an estimated annual growth rate of 10%, the achievement amplifies Fujifilm’s offerings in the cell culture media market. Envisioning this growth and understanding that cell culture media plays a critical role in engineering biopharmaceuticals and regenerative medicines, Fujifilm has considered this acquisition.

Fujifilm is further planning to upsurge its collective efforts in bio-medics related technologies and offerings via the above-mentioned amalgamation. The company is also investing in the pharmaceutical manufacturing site of Toyama Chemical. Additionally, Fujifilm introduced the Bio-Science & Technology Development Center for executing R&D activities for its biopharmaceuticals segment. These investments and acquisitions are expected to boost Fujifilm’s growth in the healthcare industry.

– Victor Mukherjee,
Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research