European Union Approves BASF on Pig & Poultry Feed Enzyme

pig and poultry feed enzyme

BASF expands its feed enzyme portfolio over 28 countries in European Union

The German chemical giant BASF has got an approval for selling its product Natuphos E® in European Union. Almost 28 countries will be covered up in the agreement while some are still under the process of registration globally. The enzyme has gathered good response from the end users since its launch at IPPE 2016 as said by the company officials. The Natuphos Enzyme are sourced from the microorganism and falls under the category of hybrid 6 phytase. The functioning of the enzyme has been explained as temperature and pepsin resistant and does not changes its structure even in harsh pH conditions during pelleting process. By introduction of this feed enzyme, end users are expecting an overall gain margin in animal farming. Thereby driving the overall market of feed enzyme consumption globally.

Reduced feed costs & increase in overall profit margin:

  • Unblocking vital nutrients increasing productivity: Natuphos E has proved to decrease the loss of phosphorous content from the animal body thereby retaining essential nutrition for development of the animal body. This has thus reduced the cost of adding extra inorganic phosphorous in the feed thereby reducing the feed cost for the farmers. Natuphos is mostly targeted mainly towards poultry & pig farm animal industry.
  • Saving environment & economy: Natuphos E has reduced the burden on additional inorganic phosphorous content that is produced by not so eco friendly methods. It is estimated that the new phytase product is estimated to give a saving cost of almost 24% in the initial feed cost thus saving the economy from a considerable margin.

BASF & Animal Nutrition Division

Headquartered at Ludwigshafen, Germany BASF operates in 80 countries globally and employs almost 115,490 people worldwide. The company serves a broad portfolio ranging from chemicals, plastics, performance products and crop protection products to oil and gas. The reporting annual revenue of BASF is about €64.475 billion in 2017. Currently BASF offers enzyme under three registered names 1) Natugrain TS®, 2) Natuphos®, 3) Natuphos E® where each one of them promises to offer better digestibility in the feed of animals and increasing net profit margin for the farmers.

– Satya Shiwani,
Senior Research Analyst(Chemicals),
Infoholic Research