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Emotion Analysis for Human Resource Department

November, 2018

Emotion analysis is widely used across several domains such as healthcare, market research, sports, and media industry. One of the major uses of emotion analysis is in the human resource department. Human resource department can use emotion analysis to better understand employees and promote positive work culture. Human resource team is using big data and analytics also for improving employee retention. The true potential of emotion analytics could be achieved when used in combination with artificial intelligence.
Traditionally human resource department measure employee’s parameters using three major career life stages – recruitment, appraisal and exit. Using AI and sentiment analysis (a part of emotion analysis), an employer may be able to assess an employee based on the predictive analytics with input as tone of voice and facial expression. This data helps in increasing the retention rate of the employees. Machine-learning embedded in employee interactions helps to monitor and shape the behaviour of employees over time. Human resource could easily identify workforce planning to quit and could provide them with more benefits to make them stay in the company.
Veratio, a company focused on employee behaviour analysis, uses behavioural analysis and user activity monitoring to protect company’s sensitive data. Veratio provides solutions to several defense contractors and technology providers. It helps employers to track employee computer activities including emails and internet browsing and get it analysed through an artificial intelligence system to detects changes in the tone of employees’ communications and behaviour and gives an idea to the human resource team regarding employee’s plans to quit the company.
Human resource teams could get highly benefited from AI in team training, hiring processes and employee mood determining. However human resource team need to balance their AI and emotion analytics with transparency. They need a clear idea on how decisions are made in AI systems to mitigate biasing in their programs. This transparency will play a key role in determining employees and employer’s trust in the system equipped with artificial intelligence and emotion analytics.

– Arjun Das,
Senior Research Analyst -ICT,
Infoholic Research

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