Market Updates

Dynamic fluctuations of Soap Colorants Market

August, 2018

Soap colorants exist to make sure the soaps are more attractive and colourful and to an extent give some consistency to the soap. The dynamics of the market are changing evidently. Minute changes in a person’s day to day activity can lead towards change in a market. The social and socio-economic changes are moving very rapidly and manoeuvring the associated markets.  Soap colorant is not an exception towards these impacts. To give more insights some of the factors are listed below.

  • The per capita income of major countries has been popping up in previous years including China, Russia, India, Philippines, and others. Due to increasing purchasing power the consumers are shifting their preference from ordinary soaps to premium soaps.

  • Another factor owing to change are inclination towards aesthetics of soap. The aesthetic ingredient based soaps are in increased demand. For example, the soaps with herbs depiction are by default expected green in colour by end users mind so to match their expectation respective colorants are added.

  • The increasing awareness about hygiene due to various governmental programs and increasing education is leading towards a shift from soap bars to liquid soaps (hand wash). The urge to maintain hygiene has been fruitful to the soap colorants market.

  • The major players in the market are walking up towards the localization of products to increase their value. They asses the local’s preferences and fetch in the market a soap to meet their preferences. For better clarity, if the preference of customers is a soap or a face wash to control their oily skin in humid or hot weather, manufacturer doesn’t miss this opportunity and utilises it to the extent and introduce water based products for oil control.

  • Increasing social media awareness had its own perks and bottlenecks. For soap colorants market it has been in good face. The various DIY and hacks channels available on the internet are making customers inquisitive to make their own soaps as per their wish. Thanks to these channels the demand for soap colorants has gone up and the colorants are now available to be bought in various online platform such as, amazon, eBay.

Putting all these together in a plate, the consumers have various offerings to choose from. Altogether, the soap colorant market is on growing road and manufacturers (along with other stakeholders) are getting ready to reap benefits.

– Vasundhra Singh,
Assistant Research Executive,
Infoholic Research