Nearly 50% of The Depressed Individuals are Untreated

Half Of The Individuals Suffering With Depression Remain Untreated


Depression is a leading cause of disability globally, leading to increased rate of suicide. It is noted that nearly 16 million individuals in US are suffering from depression.  Many statistics have suggested that more than 50% of them have do not seek suitable therapy because of the social stigma related with mental health.
Other factors that has hindered the people from seeking the treatment is lack benefits of insurance, and a scarcity of mental healthcare providers.



Workplace depression is one of the major and common concern globally.  In 2017, The World Federation for Mental Health stated that, everyone in five people in workplace suffer with a mental health complaint. It is also stated that 10% of the population that is employed end up losing 36 working days due to the episode of depression. Antidepressant medicines have provided a relief for almost 85% of employees who seek out are treated for depression, and thus improving their work routine.

Awareness programmes are vital as they are a virtuous platform for individuals to confer about mental health matters easily. Unhealthy and adverse situation in workplace would be harmful for an individual. Mental health problems such as depression is curable, and nearly 80% of those treated for depression show a development in their signs.

– Rikitha K Murthy,
Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research LLP