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Blockchain in Healthcare

June, 2018

Blockchain is a distributed register that is used to keep track of the transactions happening in numerous machines. Every organization emphases on delivering high quality care to their clients. This requirement becomes even more important in the Healthcare industry. However, the major challenge is that the devices/service providers and customers control the decisions, which lead to care-service delivery and its data. This is exactly where Blockchain comes into the picture to provide effective patient care.

Various applications of Blockchain technology in healthcare:

  • Medical Data Management

  • Billing and Claims Management

  • Medical Research

  • Data Security

Blockchain has the capability to address the following challenges in the Healthcare Industry:

  • Fragmented Data

  • Timely Access to Patient Data

  • System Interoperability

  • Data Security

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Access and Data Inconsistency

  • Patient Generated Data


Few of the Healthcare Blockchain companies are as follows:




The first healthcare company using blockchain technology to facilitate the storage and utilization of electronic health records to deliver a complete telemedicine experience. They are real practicing doctors in the UK healthcare structure and want to change the system from within.





MedRec uses blockchain to save time, money, and duplication in procedures between a variety of facilities and providers to give any medical provider secure access to patients’ records. Patients could also grand access to their anonymous medical records to be used for research.




With a goal to give patients control over their medical records and genomic data by using a blockchain solution, Gem has also partnered with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to experiment with using blockchain to monitor infectious diseases.


 nano vision


Looking to catapult medical innovation away from traditional data silos and incompatible records systems, Nano Vision combines the power of blockchain with artificial intelligence (AI) to gather molecular-level data on Nano Tokens. AI then sifts through the data to find trends and analyse connections, which will lead to medical breakthroughs.



SimplyVital Health: This platform sits on blockchain technology that empowers providers and patients to access, share and even move their healthcare data.



- Victor
Healthcare Market Research Head
Infoholic Research