Market Updates

Azelis Strengthens its Position in the Indian Food Segment

March, 2019

Azelis announced the acquisition of distribution activities along with food laboratory of MK Ingredients & Specialties and SSD Industries in India. The MK Ingredients & Specialties and SSD Industries is a family owned business. The firm’s employees and management together will work for better efficiency and effectiveness. MK Ingredients & Specialties and SSD Industries is recognized for its principle and its relationship with the customers. It caters to some food segment applications and non- food segment applications, such as dairy, bakery, confectionery, paints & coatings and chemical.

As per CEO and President Azelis Asia Pacific, the acquisition will beneficial and would help improve the customer employee relationship owing the compatible supply chain of both the parties. Also, they will be able to target a larger customer base. MK Ingredients & Specialties and SSD Industries has won various awards, such as exceptional business growth in 2018, and best APAC distributor in 2016. This showcases that the dedication and values which are common in both partners.

Managing Director Azelis India, says that there opened 3 application laboratories in India, 2018 catering food, personal care, and CASE markets. Combing their labs with MK Ingredients & Specialties and SSD Industries food laboratory with modern equipment’s. the coming together will improve the expertise especially in bakery and dairy sectors.

The present strategy of Azelis success is being driven by the application innovation and development. The company has been recognized for its innovative product formulations and also, has won around 11 titles in 2018 owing to their business values.

- Vasundhra Singh,
Assistant Research Executive,
Infoholic Research