Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Smart Transportation

Traffic congestion is a major pain point for all cities in the world. Not only does it lead to economic loss it also creates huge amount of carbon emissions. Traffic signals adapting to traffic conditions is a major relief in this scenario. It is one of the areas where AI’s potential is being deployed. Training data is an inevitable part of deep learning and AI, since it determines the problem-solving capacity of AI. More the amount of data provided for training, better the accuracy and responsiveness of the system.

Vendor Highlights – Vivacity Labs is a company based in UK which is focused on gathering data required for AI in smart transportation. The company has developed and patented technologies for capturing and classifying live transportation data using its sensors at intersections. The sensors gather traffic information which is sent back to a central computer, where the data is analyzed to understand current traffic conditions and to predict traffic patterns. Global MNC IBM has obtained a patent for AI-managed traffic lights in May 2018.  Surtrac traffic management system, developed by Rapid Flow Technologies, claims to reduce travel time by 25 percent and waiting time at intersections by 40 percent. According to the company, Surtrac was developed from several techniques involving robotics and AI.

Future of Transportation Industry – The future looks even more bright with the growth of autonomous cars. In an ideal situation, a fully autonomous car will be able to communicate with other autonomous cars on road as well as with smart traffic signals and will be able to take its own decisions. This is one of the reasons why many automotive manufacturers such as Ford and Volkswagen are also focusing on AI in transportation. Advancements in AI will reshape the industry and will influence every aspect of transportation industry involving driving, shipping goods, and traffic control.

Conclusion – AI is still in its nascent stage of development. As there are large number of complexities arising from hidden codes, variable and algorithms the system lacks transparency and accountability.  However, many companies including well established tech giants and start-ups are investing in AI which will perfect the system in the coming years. AI powered intersections and AI powered cars will revolutionize the transportation in the near future offering safer and secure travel.

-Arjun Das,
Senior Research Analyst -ICT,
Infoholic Research