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Arthroscopy Fluid Management Systems

January, 2019

Arthroscopy fluid management systems also known as irrigation pump systems effectiveness is primarily based on the type of system the surgeon used to control the pressure of the fluid while maintaining the patient’s safety. Arthroscopy fluid management system is a control management of fluid outflow. These systems help to focus on the patients and guide to appropriate targets. It also helps the shaver system to incorporate for optimal suction and pressure control. Its major benefits include: maximize efficiency having tools such as fluid management helps surgeons to carry complex surgical procedures in easier way. The advanced arthroscopic fluid management systems provide better visual clarity, pressure control, improves post-operative pain, helps to use less fluid, and overall improve savings for both patient and physicians.  The gravity-fed system is related to the height difference of the fluid reservoir and the joint (raising the inflow bag and the amount of fluid present in the bag).

There are two most common access routes for inflow of fluid during arthroscopy procedures: through sheath or through a separate cannula. Surgeons prefer to lead inflow though arthroscope for several reasons to have constant flow and less pain for patients. Also, the arthroscopy for joints such as wrist, elbow, ankle, hip and knee) have limited number of possible access portals and give surgeon an increase flexibility for operative instrument placement. There are different components of irrigation system: saline bag, pressure gradient supplier or automated pump, inflow tubing, outflow tubing (with or without pressure sensing feedback, and intra-articular joint space. One of the major advantages is gravity flow system set up and its ease of maintenance. The effectiveness of arthroscopic fluid management system is dependent on the surgeons and his experience, which focusses on maintaining patient’s safety. The irrigation systems have strong control over the environment that supports the fluid medium. The patient safety relies on maintenance of low levels of fluid extravasation and low intra-articular pressure. The advancement in these systems have got features that help to visualize the target site which is better than pressure control systems.

The advantages arthroscopy fluid system is consistent flow, a greater degree of joint distention, and improved visualization when motorized operative equipment’s are used. These systems allow lesser use of tourniquet. There is more research currently going for determining the clinical significant of dual arthroscopy fluid management systems.

– Mohammed Azhar,
Senior Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research