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An Overview R&D Expenditure of Countries across the globe

January, 2019

Revolution and Innovation can be a major lead for any industrialized nation. Nevertheless, attaining a supportable rate of invention isn’t essentially an upfront exercise. The authenticity of invention is an intricate and difficult consequence to amount, and there are various variables that aspect into it at a national level.

Research and development spending country wise

RankCountryR&D Spending (PPP)Global share (%)
1United States$476.5 billion26.40%
2China$370.6 billion20.60%
3Japan$170.5 billion9.50%
4Germany$109.8 billion6.10%
5South Korea$73.2 billion4.10%
6France$60.8 billion3.40%
7India$48.1 billion2.70%
8United Kingdom$44.2 billion2.50%
9Brazil$42.1 billion2.30%
10Russia$39.8 billion2.20%
11Italy$29.6 billion1.60%
12Canada$27.6 billion1.50%
13Australia$23.1 billion1.30%
14Spain$19.3 billion1.10%
15Netherlands$16.5 billion0.90%
 All other countries$249.8 billion13.90%


US has highest R&D of $476.5 billion and China has $370.6 billion. These two major countries amount for a total of 47.0% of total global R&D expenditures. With the addition of R&D expenditure of Japan and Germany added up to 62.5%.

RankCountryR&D (as a % of GDP)
1South Korea4.3%
10United States2.7%

Major countries like South Korea and Japan allocate the large share of their financial prudence to Research and development. In the meantime, there are smaller nations like Israel (4.2%) who are spending a far higher portion than normal on research.

– Rikitha K Murthy,
Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research