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Alliance to End Plastic Waste - New Link in Circular Economy

January, 2019

21st January was extra special for global green initiatives when CEOs from more than 25 global level companies came together to launch new Alliance to End Plastic Waste. The alliance boasted participation not only from the consumer companies, but also many chemical sector companies including Chevron Philips, Formosa Plastics, ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical Company, Reliance Industries, Shell among many others. There are some concerns by social organizations wherein they are targeting the involvement of chemical companies’ involvement and conflict of interest with core principle of alliance. The alliance is largest at its level and has pledged $1 billion initially to achieve the objective.

Why This?

The obvious question in mind of reader would be why the chemical and plastic manufacturing companies have participated in an organization which is targeting the plastic. There are number of explanations which can be given to support this initiative. We have tried to list down a few below as:

  • Rational Usage: The wiser usage of plastic resources can contribute towards greener environment rather than choking it in drains and animals.

  • Strategic Movement: The initiative is in line with strategic movement towards circular economy promoting the recycling of plastic waste and further enhancing the optimum utilization of plastic resources.

  • Pooling Resources for Shared Growth: The alliance shall be responsible for pooling the ideas from various category of stakeholders wherein it can contribute in developing better alternatives whilst enabling growth for each contributing stakeholder.

There are many pointers which can be used to justify and support the initiative of this new alliance, but with limited space and time, we have resolved to these key objectives.

Plan of Action

The alliance has made four-dimensional approach to resolve the deep-rooted issue of plastic waste to save environment and biodiversity from adverse effect of plastics.

  • Infrastructure: The alliance has made an objective of supporting with necessary infrastructure to enable circular economy involvement. Adding the waste collecting bins to initial investment in processing units are covered in this arm.

  • Innovation: The second objective of the alliance is to find new innovative solution to existing problem wherein all the stakeholders can benefit from the development. Innovation of new alternatives to finding ways to enable replacement by better available options has been covered under innovation arm.

  • Education: The alliance has pledged to increase the plastic waste management awareness among the user groups, organizations, governments, and institutions. This is expected to enable further improved management network for plastic waste management.

  • Clean-up: This arm of the alliance is targeted towards the already contaminated areas where the cleaning is urgently required. The oceans and conduits rivers shall be targeted to clean the ongoing and stuck plastic waste to reduce the plastic waste impact in the environment.

This is first time such comprehensive alliance has been formed to target plastic waste at such large scale. The progress and the results shall be seen only during due course of time. But the efforts can be surely said to be in right direction. Let’s hope the alliance delivers some wonderful results, so that we all can reap the benefits in cleaner environment with our next generations.

– Ankur Kalra,
Manager – Chemicals & Materials,
Infoholic Research