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5 Emerging Trends in Dentistry

December, 2018

The rising popularity of knowledge based, and evidence-based dentistry has enabled dentists to take accurate decision instead of personal judgments. Most of the dentists are focusing in adopting stringent control over the dental procedures and try to maintain a standard evaluation for new products that are present in market. The advancement in dentistry has enabled the adoption of newer products, which have clinical evidence or data. Currently there are multiple research studies performed to standardize the dental implant framework. This is helping dentists to practice a defined process and help them collect and analyses scientific evidence to provide safe and efficient solutions. The dental implants have 95% success rate and among all dental procedures, dental implantology is one of the most successful surgeries and is making a record that is reliable and has long-term success.

Key trends in Dentistry

1. Growing adoption of advanced dental treatment - Treating various dental conditions with advanced technologies and increasing popularity of dental 3D printing has changed the entire dental laboratory industry. This has enabled the use of low-cost application based dental equipment which has reduced the overall treatment cost. One such technology is CEREC by Sirona.

2. High adoption of 3D dental printers - The improved efficiency (time and cost) with high accuracy, when compared with traditional dental methods, have resulted in high demand of 3D printers in the market. It has helped dentists to perform wide range of dental procedures with better compliance to treat individual.

3. Emergence of digital dentistry - The future of dental is digital dentistry and 3D printing is shaping the future of dental treatment. It has wide scope of incorporating the computer-aided components in contrast to the machine alone and has increased its popularity by giving positive results. Major area of digital dentistry is: CAD/CAM, digital radiography, dental lasers, computer-aided implant dentistry, dental cone beam CT scan, and dental handpieces.

4. Cosmetic dentistry - Currently most of the dental care is not only adopted by dental patients but also for people who want aesthetic appearance in their smile. The advancement and improvement in cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry has led many people to adopt for cosmetic dentistry, thereby increasing the demand for new products and technologies in the market.

5. Medical tourism - This is one of the most trending fact about the dental industry and its popularity is increasing across the globe due to huge difference in dental treatment in different regions. Hungary, Mexico, India, China, and Singapore are among the top destinations for dental medical tourism that have received an increasing number of tourists every year.

– Mohammed Azhar,
Senior Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research


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