Digital Technologies

digital technologies

Cutting-edge technologies, i.e., AI, ML, Analytics, and Blockchain, are becoming significantly pertinent for several industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and utilities among others. Technology companies are investing heavily to improve their product/services offerings to differentiate themselves from their competitors. These technologies are likely to attract a lot of consumers due to their potential to improve operational efficiency and reduce operational cost. As a trend, companies are embracing these digital technologies into their primary processes to enhance efficiency and automate responses/activities.

Analytics is being applied to several areas for continuous monitoring, proactive management, preventive maintenance that are the need of the hour for new-age business processes and systems. Solutions leveraging machine learning and AI are gaining increased mindshare among CXOs to deliver data-oriented insights with a direct impact on business outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence is gaining widespread attention and investment, however yet to witness mainstream adoption, with enterprises actively leveraging Machine Learning for minimizing human intervention. Conversational platforms, advisory, computer vision, and predictive solutions are becoming defacto choice of implementations relevant for their business use.

Blockchain, predominantly touted for cryptocurrencies, is emerging as the preferred option for transactional processing, right from payments to contractual agreements. Aside from the finance sector, blockchain solutions are gaining traction from functional departments, including supply chain, operations, sales & marketing, and even human resources.

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