Guest Column

The Smart World

November, 2018

As per UN’s report, around 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities by 2050 which is an estimated 7.2 billion people. This rapid urbanization exerts enormous pressure on various city infrastructures e.g. transport, health and emergency services, education, utilities and also safety and security.

In order for cities to cater to the growing population, the cities will have to be transformed into Smart Cities and infrastructure will have to become Smart Infrastructure.  There are 1000+ smart cities projects already in progress around the world. Govt’ of India (GoI) has also launched Smart Cities Mission program to develop 100 smart cities in India. These smart cities will be shaping the future of “Smart World”.

Internet of thing (IoT) is playing a pivotal role in transforming cities into smart cities. IoT enabled smart solution can help improve urban mobility, ensure safety & security of citizens, improve water/waste management, give early warning on rise of pollution and improve government to citizen (G2C) collaboration.

Technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) & ML (machine learning), when combined with IoT, will result into well - informed decision making with little or no human intervention. IoT and AI/ML based analytics is helping to transform factories into smart factories or factories of future (FoF). There is wider application of AI based analytics in predictive maintenance of machines, security & surveillance, healthcare and insurance resulting in huge savings, efficiency improvement and better risk management.

It is important that these cities are sustainable also apart from being smart, not only economically but from environmental perspective as well. The other critical success factors for smart cities are government to citizen collaboration for prioritization of city needs, well-defined city specific KPIs to track and monitor performance of the smart city project and stake holders commitment.


Tech Mahindra works with various global smart cities to build a smarter world with digital platforms that create a marketplace where citizens, community action groups, local authorities and other key stakeholders can participate for a smarter, sustainable & energy efficient cities. As a System Integrator for the connected world, Tech Mahindra’s solutions span the spectrum of needs for Smart Cities.

Combined with our global Managed Services capabilities and an industry leading ecosystem of partners, we are a single window partner for concept to roll out, to management for Smart City solutions. Some of our solutions include: Smart Parking, Smart Energy Management, Smart Street Lighting, Smart Automated Meter Reading, Smart Bins, Intelligent traffic and Integrated Command and Control Centre.

Though smart solutions is the need of the hour however they come with their own set of challenges, converting existing small and big city to a Smart City is not an easy task.  Major issues faced are of sustainability, budgets, retrofitting existing infrastructure, Urban Local Bodies are not financially self-sustaining, basic infrastructure is missing in many locations like electricity, bandwidth, fibre etc.  Government & solution providers are doing their best to provide the smart solutions that help in improving the life of consumers by increasing in productivity, safety & security, optimizing the usage of natural resources, quick access to government services etc.  Authorities are able take appropriate & faster decision due to availability of Real-Time reports and data analytics.

- Ajay Gupta 
Global Head – Smart Cities
Tech Mahindra Ltd.