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How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are rapidly changing the landscape of modern business and transforming customer perceptions

May, 2019

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality have the remarkable ability to alter our perceptions of the world around us. Virtual reality (VR) can transcend us to never before seen worlds, Augmented Reality (AR) can place products right in front us in the real world, enhancing our perception of real world. Over the past year, tech giants Google and Apple have invested heavily on AR/VR, this highlights the high potential of the technology and we at Kluarc believe in its potential. We showcase how AR/VR is changing the way organisations operate due to its unlimited possibilities, in terms of advertising, user experience and utility.

Augmented, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality (MR), are changing the way customers engage with products. In the current fast paced society, getting a customer to pay attention to a two-minute ad is close to impossible not to mention expensive. Organisations are utilizing AR/VR to give customers real time interactive experiences which captivates customers and engages them indefinitely. This creates a strong brand recall value which pulls customers back to the organisation.

Mixed Reality is pushing the envelope of user experience in major industries like real estate market, interior design, automotive, tourism and retail. A customer can now virtually view the interiors of a building which is still under construction remotely. Mobile based Augmented Reality will be at the forefront of the next wave of ecommerce and retail. Augmented Reality will enable customers to try out shirts, dresses and shoes without having to travel to the store, or customers can place a dimensionally accurate piece of furniture right in their living room. “what you see is what you get” will be new marketing norm as customers can make faster and more informed decisions.

Mixed Reality apart from providing an enriched user experience can also be used as a tool solve real world problems. We focus on how kluarc is utilizing MR to solve inherent problems in two major sectors, OEMS and the education sector. Mixed reality is primed to make product manuals obsolete. Current Paper Product manuals demand a correct interpretation of words and highly descriptive graphic illustrations of the product installation. in addition to a skilled and trained technician to carry out the installation correctly. Furthermore, the Product manual being a physical entity, the technician has continuously carry the manual. Augmented Reality instruction manuals gives a new dynamic approach to this problem.

An augmented reality instruction manual, utilizing the screen and the camera of mobile device, can overlay animated, intuitive and computer-generated imagery right onto the real-world product and provide instructions to the user in an interactive manner. These AR manuals empower the average non-expert user to install, configure and troubleshoot the product in the correct manner. These AR manuals can be used across industries – ranging from explaining vehicle features to connecting a coffee machine and everything in between.

From an enterprise standpoint, AR manuals deliver better results and are a cost-effective solution when compared to printed manuals. Enterprises have found that AR manuals have reduced the number of service calls made to the customer service. Moderately skilled technician, with the use of the AR Manual, can now handle complex service issues. Enterprises can repurpose the AR Manual as an immersive training experience where complex process can be made simpler through AR visualization, which deliver a faster, effective and engaging approach than the traditional classroom training modules. We at kluarc currently provide AR manuals for a telecommunication company and a Automotive OEM.

Mixed reality can make learning exciting and fun too! For example, AR would make biology fun with real time 3D graphical illustrations of the heart. Or to showcase the working of an animated engine to students, possibilities are numerous. These technologies will increase the attention span and eliminate the mundane feeling associated to learning.

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality is poised to serve as the underlying technology to improve consumer-product engagement, Enterprises would move fast to adopt the technology in their operations, because AR/VR has arrived and its only going to get bigger.

- Ronald Christopher
Co-Founder, Kluarc Technologies Pvt Ltd – The Augmented Reality company