Full Time Engagement

full time engagement
  • Organizations frequently require day-to-day research assistance for ongoing strategic initiatives
  • This encompasses basic market data needs or complex competitive intelligence, analyst opinions, industry tracking, etc.
  • Firms often require market statistics on a one-time or periodic basis to fine-tune strategic initiatives or to redefine corporate strategy
FTE Model
  • In line with this trend, IHR offers the FTE model to provide clients with a dedicated, one-stop solution for all research needs
  • “Full Time Engagement” from IHR is a model where a dedicated resource will be allocated to service the key account who will work closely to give continuous support and identify client roadmap and assist them for turnkey projects
  • The dedicated analyst will bring in SME expertise from all domains pooled in
  • Dedicated analysts from IHR will cater to ad-hoc requests, from an internal team of customers on a continuous basis
  • Rapid research, customized study will be offered on a need basis
USP of FTE Model
  • Research requirements can be customized as per client needs
  • The flexible pricing structure, which enables customers to pay on a subscription basis
  • Clients can choose from various domains within Infoholic Research
FTE Model Benefits
  • Dedicated analysts will be a single point of contact for IHR customers with 24/7 support
  • Research On Demand – Rapid research is tailored to answer all the customers’ on-demand specific research requirements
  • Clients get access to trained and experienced resources effortlessly at a lower cost
  • Customers can concentrate only on core competencies as they need not focus on hiring and retaining employees
  • Best suited to clients who have high-end and continuous requirements
  • Customers can track the assigned task on a timely basis
  • Customers can pay only for actual work done