Emm four wall

Mobile Devices are now inescapable in the enterprise. This enables flexi work environment/timings and new business opportunities, but these mobile devices have also resulted in the complex problem of needing to protect and manage the enterprise data on them. A problem that has resulted in enterprises offering EMM solutions.According to Infoholic a solution/ service covering any of these 6 areas comes under EMM and an enterprise providing one or all of the solution is an EMM vendor.


Infoholic is looking to analyze these enterprises/solutions through our unique distinguishable methodology of “Four Wall”. In this methodology, we reach out to end user (LM&SBs) mainly CxOs for their feedback on brand and technology. A detailed questionnaire is prepared to evaluate Brand/Technology on various parameters and to understand their pain points.

Why Infoholic Four Wall?

Owning an Infoholic Four wall gives user an insight into the competitive market through major parameters, providing high-impact, through additional perspectives leading to higher impact on business growth. The vendors can use this representation on their page or in internal strategic meetings for analysis and decision making.

  • Validate Vendor’s competitive position through our unique and rigorous method.
  • Provide vendors an unbiased view through end user’s eyes.
  • Gain mindshare with your customers and prospects
  • Global reach and presence

Infoholic has already published “Four Wall” on “Advance Analytics”, where more than 30 companies had featured. The “Four Wall” has been appreciated in the industry as a unique model also the “Four Wall” has a wide coverage among online media and offline media.

  • There are host of other benefit specially for early bookings. To understand this benefit please reach out to us at:  sales@infoholicresearch.com