Consumer Research

The success of a company is  directly proportionate  to its  customer knowledge . The better the company understands its customer  greater are its chances of growth and prosperity . Infoholic Research (IHR) helps its clients in  uncovering insights  on their  customer’s preferences, liking, behaviour and perception.
IHR’s Consumer Research offerings  help companies in its journey  from  Ideation to implementation, from brand building to brand success, from customer acquisition to customer loyalty,  and in other corporate decision making. Given the  fast-changing consumer lifestyles, vast cultural differences and evolving customer needs,  it becomes important for an  organization to listen to their customers  for better planning of product and services offerings.

What We offer

Infoholic Research offerings cover the entire journey of a product or a brand providing one stop solutions for consumer research.


Ideation Research

Identify gaps or spot unmet customer need by interacting with your target segment.


Product Testing

Before the final production and full launch, prototype testing will help in developing the product or a service and make it near perfect.


Customer Segmentation

Segmenting the market or the customer base helps organizations to address the needs of the customer efficiently and design marketing campaigns.


Campaign Research

Analyze the effectiveness of your campaign, understand the key elements, evaluate customers response and derive key learnings for future.


Brand Research

Understand the health of your brand and uncover insights for strengthening the brand value.


Customer Experience

Gauge the satisfaction level of your customer and assess their likes / dislikes for marketing campaigns and customized offerings.