Infoholic Research Consulting specializes in transforming customer-data driven insights into actions that deliver clear and quantifiable results for clients. We cover a full spectrum of Research Services encompassing broad array of technologies used in different business segments and sub verticals. Our consultants have expertise in various industry (ICT, Chemical, Healthcare etc..) and they lend their experience in understanding the constraints and opportunities in which our clients operate.

A Commitment to Customer Responsiveness, Innovative Research, and Actionable Analysis has earned Infoholic a Distinguished Clientele within a short period. Our moto is to provide, each customer a unique perspective, actionable market intelligence, and consulting services to meet their specific business model dynamics and strategic goals.

Our services are backed by combined industry experience of more than 30 years and we assist you in:

  • Market Opportunity Assessment & Forecasting – Penetration, Investment, Sizing and Driver Analysis
    • Global/Country/City level Market
  • Competition Tracking (Price, Product & Market Strategy)
  • Brand Awareness and Perception
  • Brand Positioning (The “Four Wall” Analysis)
  • Validation, Concept and Price Testing
  • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Management
  • Go-No Go Studies, GTM /RTM Strategies
  • CIO /CFO Survey
  • In-depth Account Based Profiling
  • Value Chain Analysis and Profit Pool Mapping
  • Merger & Acquisition support

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