Mining & metallurgy is one of the oldest forms of resource industry. The progress in the field of chemistry has resulted in an improved version of chemical processes. The extraction of metals and chemicals has become much more efficient and environmentally friendly. Metals and alloys are just a small part of the bulk of chemicals industry under inorganic chemicals. Along with metals and alloys, inorganic chemicals include markets such as acids, salts, inert gasses, halogenation liquids and many more.

The inorganic chemicals’ presence can be seen in numerous products of everyday use. While inorganic commodity chemicals have been maintaining consistent growth and adapting environment-friendly technologies, niche markets are evolving with the changing consumer preferences.

The bigger companies in this segment have exposure to more than one segments, while relatively smaller players are focused toward their own specialty segment and maintaining market share. The market dynamics is consistently being challenged and influenced by changing governing parameters while the competitors are struggling in maintaining or growing market share and increasing profitability.

We at Infoholic Research, with our deep understanding of the markets, help our customers in finding the optimum solution to this dilemma.

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