Flash Based Data Centre: A Reality?


The hard drive and flash drive are two types of storage mechanism used in Data Centres. As of current stats, the Hard Drive mechanism is still the favoured one. Although both do the same work, boot your system, and store your applications and personal files. While HDD is, cheap and has wide adoption (they have […]

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Top 10 benefits of Whitepaper that helps your Business grow!


Currently, about 65-70% B2B firms, across the globe use white papers as a part of their marketing strategy. Sighting this growth in the demand of Whitepapers, Infoholic Research has come up with concrete steps in this forum to deliver the best to the Industries.   Following are the 10 benefits Infoholic Research offers in its […]

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VMware to Add Another Dimension in Network Security- NV Innovate Conference 2016


NV innovate conference 2016 Virtualization has been there for most part of the history, from the time when IBM had envisaged the virtualization in hardware as an answer to the challenge faced by their customers, the trend continues at large even today. Right from server to network, virtualization, has evolved greatly and right at the […]

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3D Printing Market and its Impact in Aerospace and Consumer Electronics


3D Printing technology has started shifting the manufacturing industry in new dimension. With the help of the 3D printing technology, the manufacturing industry could design complex components. The 3D printing technology is mainly being adopted by the consumer electronics industry. The manufacturers are able to improve their supply chains, and design minute, light-weight product components […]

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15 Market Research Tools That Will Boost Your Output


  Since ancient times man used tools to make his work easy. Now we have reached an eon that human beings will be termed as incomplete without these tools. In every aspect of our lives, we can see the effect and impact the tools have dented. And it is not different when it comes to […]

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7 Benefits of Digital Market Research Techniques over Traditional methodologies!


Technology has shifted world business towards a new skyline. This is reflected in production, marketing, management and even in market research domain. The practice of Market research in its early days, implemented traditional practices. Survey, observational research and focus group are the stalwart methods of traditional market research and amusingly, are still commonly used. But […]

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10 Reasons Why Market Research is Important for Today’s Business?


The topic or question mentioned above, holds the holy grail in making a business successful or failure in 21st century! With monopoly long gone and technology advancement touching the sky, the term ‘Market Research’ makes it imperative for business houses to get their hands dirty with. This gives the reason why a front runner company […]

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The much heard and familiar concept of ‘Smart Cities’ is sprung from the idea of ‘Smarter people’, ‘smarter technologies’ leading to a ‘Smarter World’.Smart city concept is the saddle for the country where smart citizens will lead and participate more than before by changing behaviours, efficient practices and smarter social norms. In today’s integralcentric world […]

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