5 Futuristic look on ‘Smart Fashion’- A new Genre in Wearable Technology


“What if the clothes you wear feeds you with information on your heart’s health?” Or “What about a digital hug while you are away from loved ones?” Wearable devices concept is a reality and a growing trend that’s capturing ordinary life. In this genre, a niche has made inroads- ‘Smart fashion’, and is something that […]

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Role of Smart Grids in Building Smart Cities: An Indian Perspective


Over the past few years there has been a phenomenal increase in the demand for power in India, from both domestic and commercial sectors. The government has struggled in the past to cater to this demand due to inadequate generation capacity as well as inefficient T&D infrastructure which results in significant losses. Currently India suffers […]

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10 Impeccable Reasons Why Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS Leads in Promoting Industries


  What is Application-to-Person SMS?   Application-to-Person SMS is an advanced technology which makes use of specific application to generate short message service and transfers it to the mobile subscriber. With the tremendous increase in mobile subscriber that is expected to reach 4.6 billion by 2020 this technology is becoming synonymous with mobile promotion. The […]

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8 Striking Ways Analytics is Re-shaping Sports Ecosystem


Winning has been a superior function in sports which raises a need to consider individual games and players per situations. This gave rise to analytics in field of sports. Sports analytics brings a detailed observation about opponents’ tendencies like study of player on and off the field as well help coaches to judge the strengths […]

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Advantages and Trends driving the LED technology in Future


LED – A tiny set of light bulbs that can perform dozens of different job and are found in all kinds of devices. Light emitting diodes (LED’s) often come in tiny packages but can produce large amount of lights and are used in multiple list of technologies. The bulbs do not contain filament that will […]

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Software defined Wide Area Network – Benefits, Installation types & Future Prospects


Software defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) provides a centralized network which can connect multiple data centers and help enterprises to control networks through a remote centralized location. The primary aim of SD-WAN technology is to ensure that a secure and reliable cloud-enabled WAN connection is designed with the right mix of software and applications. According […]

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Latest Trends, Features and Benefits of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) Applications


Manufacturers are using enterprise manufacturing intelligence solutions to monitor and record data from floor and convert them into actionable insights for decision making. The data is used to make process improvements and use right combination of applications that helps to streamline process flow. This technology is taking the manufacturing ecosystem by storm as the whole […]

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Evolving Trends Affecting Digital Analytics


The technology is ever-evolving with the change resulting in unprecedented transformation in business, government and society. The current business landscape is driven by powerful digital forces, disruption and fast paced innovation. The CIOs and executives are in a rare position to transform “business as usual” and envision the future. Infoholic Research predicts the Global Advanced Analytics […]

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