Latest Tech Trends and Benifits of IoT in Logistics- An Insight


Application of internet of things (IoT) in logistics allows to integrate all the processes, data, people, devices & sensors and create a centralized intelligence system. This deeper intelligence helps extensively including in supply chain data, automation of the manufacturing process, providing visibility within the warehouse. Logistics involves large number of shipments which need to be […]

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Crypto-currency and Blockchain Technology – Forcing the World Towards Cashless Economy


Emerging new technologies in the digital world are set to change the way consumers and businesses interact in the cashless financial ecosphere. The changing dynamics of businesses and consumer lifestyle along with technology advancements has led to the demand for virtual currencies/crypto-currency in the market. The first digital currency – Bitcoin has been gaining popularity […]

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Benefits and Impacts of Cloud Robotics on Businesses Success: 7 Key Factors


When storage demands exceed the on-board capacity of a robot, there arises a need to use remote computing resource to extract greater computational power & memory, increase collective learning and interconnection of robotics applications. Cloud robotics integrates different cloud technologies like cloud computing, cloud storage and internet based technologies and creates a eco system of […]

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Key Elements Driving Auto Cyber Security and Best Practices to Thwart Attacks


The ever-increasing need for advanced technology in vehicles is driving the path to design a robust cyber-security intended to prevent systems used in vehicles from virus/malware attacks and other data infringements. According to Infoholic Research The Global Auto Cyber Security market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.2% during the forecast period 2015–2020. […]

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10 Critical Step Enterprises Must Take to Prevent Cyber Security Breach


Enterprises find it difficult to assess the extent to which their digital business functions are vulnerable from cyber risks and the ways to protect them. It’s the reason they are constantly focusing on the implications of cybercrimes and how it will impact their bottom line. Cyber security is the act of preventing systems and data […]

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Emotion Analytics Helping Businesses to Make Money!


PersonalityEmotions Data ExtractionDecision Making Expressions and sentiment are integral part behind the emotion raised. Emotions are part of our communications with other and relationships we share.  As words during communication do not reflect the entire picture, it’s the expressions pouring out due to emotions holds major ground. The parameters such as body language, body postures, facial expressions, […]

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5 Futuristic look on ‘Smart Fashion’- A new Genre in Wearable Technology


“What if the clothes you wear feeds you with information on your heart’s health?” Or “What about a digital hug while you are away from loved ones?” Wearable devices concept is a reality and a growing trend that’s capturing ordinary life. In this genre, a niche has made inroads- ‘Smart fashion’, and is something that […]

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Role of Smart Grids in Building Smart Cities: An Indian Perspective


Over the past few years there has been a phenomenal increase in the demand for power in India, from both domestic and commercial sectors. The government has struggled in the past to cater to this demand due to inadequate generation capacity as well as inefficient T&D infrastructure which results in significant losses. Currently India suffers […]

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