6 Descriptive Analytics Trends Driving Businesses Using Customer Behavior Pattern


The method of direct observation of target’s behavior pattern by considering natural contexts to gather information regarding potentially relevant, contiguous and environment related events. Descriptive analyses take into consideration correlated events which occur with some of the target audience and their responses. Before conducting any experimental functional analysis, descriptive analysis is used as a part […]

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9 Core Trends of Cloud Based Manufacturing Technology- Shaping New Rules Globally


The driving factors for the major transformation happening in the field of manufacturing industry are smart technologies and IT upgradations. Most notably among all is cloud computing as it provides reliability, scalability and gives scope for on-demand provisioning of resources. It helps to create a distributed environment and goes hand in hand with economically attractive […]

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6 Key Trends of Smart Roads and Bridges- Improving infrastructure Security and Maintenance


Modern day technology makes it possible to improve quality as well as control construction. It invariably reduce the required raw materials and time for installation of roads and bridges. Smart roads and bridges improve the overall quality of bridges and roads to dramatically alter the cost and time needed. It enables real time testing of […]

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4 Electronic Smart Packaging Trends That’s Revolutionizing the Packaging Industry


Printed electronic devices such as disposable laminar batteries, sensors and display circuits are making the way for electronic smart packaging. Electronic smart packaging is changing the old school of packaging and helping to protect, inform and promote consumer’s interest and enhancing the way packing is done. Devices like anti-theft tags and RFID smart labels are […]

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Top 6 Trends of Emotion Analytics and its Uses at Multiple levels


Enterprises at multiple levels are using tools which can read human emotions by analyzing by voice, gesture and face inputs. Emotion analytics records and examines an individual’s verbal and nonverbal interactions based on moods and situation using different human emotions like happiness, anger, surprise, sadness, fear and disgust. Internet combined with IoT have given scope […]

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Top 6 Nanomedicine Technology and its Growing Acceptance


Emergence of Nanotechnology and its application in the field of healthcare has opened a new dimension in medical treatment and diagnosis. Nanomedicine, besides detecting diseases at an early stage, helps in preventive intervention and acts as prophylaxis of chronic and for acute disorders. It is considered to serve as an alternative to the main stream […]

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9 Key Elements to Know about Hybrid Cloud Computing


Organizations can maximize their efficiency by deploying a combination of public and private cloud services. Hybrid cloud utilizes both private and public clouds to perform distinct functions within the organization. Firms across various verticals including Banking and finance sector, health care, retail and IT industries are banking heavily on Hybrid Cloud computing. According to Infoholic […]

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Software Defined Everything- Latest Trends and Market Drivers


Business, people and process are driven by information that is siloed in different systems across the organization. As interlinking of all digital devices mandates the flow of information across every corner of the globe, the concept – Software Defined Everything has made it possible with seamless computing and management. Software Defined Everything (SDE) is a […]

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