What Should Not be Connected in this Connected World?

April, 2018

Do you find it to be an unconnected question at the very first instance? To answer that better, we quote Tom Hodgkinson – a British author who says, “All of our technology is completely unnecessary to a happy life”.  We dream of a future, we dream of disruption, we broadly dream of a disrupted future and the enabler to that is technology. Technology today has given us the gift of a connected world; allowing us to stretch our imaginations to a level where all devices and systems are interconnected. But is that stopping us from navigating our dreams or are we gifting ourselves absolute human emotional disconnect?

The Transition

Today, with the courtesy of jargons like connected world, artificial intelligence, IoT, we dare to connect every device, vehicle, home appliance, and systems with the internet and that indeed change our ways of living. We are able to manage the adjoining chaos with technological advancements but the genuine connect is getting diluted in the quest for perfection. Chips and sensors might be talking to each other in this connected environment, but we are gradually heading towards a world which has stopped human conversation. Now, its more of a machine to machine connect and that is adjudged as the best practice scenario to see disrupted change.

Staying Back is the Key  

Do you really want to give IoT all the control to monitor even your habits? Imagine a family get together where all the members are hooked on their respective devices, without even bothering to converse with each other to share feelings and emotions. Some lost memories can only be revived with a loud smile and a pat on the back from a friend or a family member. Devices lack that finesse to get you connected. Why don’t we think of cutting the technology clutter with the help of technology itself?

What is the Enabler?

WE need to make our choice, and the right one. An automated home, or a smart car is of course a smart choice, but let that not develop a void around your relationships. Let the connected world make us more happy, more smart and more emotionally connected. Lets’ not connect with our smartphones when you can thoroughly enjoy a chat with your family on a wintry evening. Create memories with words and not devices. However, stay connected too; it ensures an easier life (not sure whether a happy one though)!


– Kathakali Basu,
Assistant Manager - Content Marketing and Strategy,
Infoholic Research