What is Content Marketing & Why is it so important?

April, 2019

Experts say, the only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say, ‘This was written specifically for me’! In today’s vast digitalised world, content marketing has been imbibed by companies at large to achieve certain clear-cut goals; to stay at the top of the brand recall, to win customers, and to outweigh competitors. Companies, these days, really struggle to build a platform of trust, and thereby generate leads by nurturing customer loyalty. Here is where content marketing plays a key role and acts as the new norm to attract customers and gain an element of belief and trust. Customers have evolved over the years, their expectations from companies have taken a paradigm shift – it is only about creating an influence and staying high on visibility. If one can create dynamic and strategic content, it does create a lasting impact.

How Content Marketing helps businesses?

The creation of brand value and doing it consistently is a magnanimous task. The content and social media marketing efforts should be able to create a connect with the entire set of target audience. To put together the different advantages that effective content marketing can bring to a business include:

  1. Help in improving website conversion rates, through articles, blogs, infographics and other content assets like a thought leadership paper/ whitepaper.

  2. Help in creating trustworthy customers who prefer to informative and customised content rather than advertisements.

  3. Assists in influencing conversions; secondary data reveals that through content marketing, the conversion rate is about 6 times higher than conventional digital marketing processes.

  4. Enhances SEO efforts as optimised and bulk content results in higher on-site time; consequently, impacting the search engine optimisation positively.

  5. Helps in generating leads in a cost-effective manner; usually small businesses with restraints in budget adopt the content marketing tactic to bring in leads.

  6. Acts as a great differentiator with competing companies. Well researched blogs and articles or any other content formats might be providing helpful information to the target audience, thus influencing the buying decision of the potential customer over competing companies.

  7. Considered as a common aspect across all kinds of digital marketing efforts; ranging from email marketing, social media marketing to PPC ads – everything that has one thing in common is CONTENT!

Content marketing is definitely a respite from the pre-historic ad age. The tool that marketers have now is effective content marketing and in reality, consumers are definitely liking it! The vision is to make it better, stronger and take it to the next level before it reaches a saturation point from where engagement rates droop. Who doesn’t like a customised gift? If the key organisational mission is centred around customer satisfaction, then customised content delivery will clearly support the broader goals to on board and retain potential customers. Content marketing is no more a layman’s term, it has effective ingredients to change customer perception.

- Kathakali Basu
Manager - Content Marketing & Strategy
Infoholic Research