Upskill to stay Competitive and Effective in the Race

March, 2019

Importance of staying connected and upskilling

We are at the lap of fourth industrial revolution where technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Automation, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, information and communication technology - all of which has made businesses grow, making lives easier, however, all of this comes with its own challenges. Continuous learning is the keyword in today’s tech environment. Upgrading one’s skill or upskilling is an integral part of any organizational development.

Focus on trainable resources

Across industries, the underlying concern is to understand whether the age-old pattern of education still holds good amidst all technological disruptions. Organizations are hiring based on the willingness of individuals to learn and adapt to changes. Gone are those days when hiring used to happen based on specific skills and certification of an individual, required to perform some set of responsibilities. Thought leaders are concentrating on trainable resources over already trained ones. Flexibility and adaptability give such resource a definitive cutting edge over their rigid counterparts. Now, with every passing year, technology is refreshing and recreating a whole new experience for its users. Under such circumstances it is mandatory to upgrade one’s skill in order to stay competitive. This also holds true for organizations who necessarily should invest in upskilling their employees to stay in the game.

Emphasis on personalized learning

It is not simple to upskill an employee or an individual since every individual is different from the other in terms of their learning pattern, career graph and passion. Every individual takes their own time and route of learning, be it upskilling or reskilling. For example, a learning platform might seem interesting to one individual which might not be relevant to the other due to difference in the purpose of learning. We are still at an era where we are struggling to ensure a personalized learning experience.

Methods implemented for encouraging learning as per behavioral studies

Since it is mandatory to enhance one’s capability in order to sustain in a changing environment, the behavioral case studies have reflected on the possible dimensions through which an organization can successfully implement upskilling, reskilling or cross skilling among its workforce. The moto here lies in creating an environment, a social platform for change and learning. Under controlled environment, an aptitude of upskilling or reskilling can be created where individuals will be more prone to upgrade themselves either due to a desired career path or to bag some plum project which will ensure some long-term monetary gains.


For individuals, be it upskilling, reskilling or cross skilling - all of them are important for future sustainability. For enterprises, definitely upskilling will ensure their stability during a time which is rife with change and disruptive trends.

– Kathakali Basu, 
Content Writer,
Infoholic Research