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Take a closer look into the future of IoT

December, 2019

As someone rightly said once that “I will not be impressed with technology until I can download food from the internet.” There is no end to innovation hence the world will continue to be mesmerized with the wave of the digital revolution.

What makes IoT convenient?

The internet has become the key factor in every industry and household connecting devices. Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology that connects devices to share data with each other. The objective of IoT is to stay connected and build a network across a wide range. The main reason for the success of IoT is the need for consumers to stay connected for convenience.

Predicting the future of IoT

Based on predictive analytics, industry experts pointed out the following predictions that will define the future of IoT.

  • Over the last few years, the pace at which it is growing, by 2025 there will be more than 21 billion IoT devices making life convenient for humans. Less manual intervention can reduce flaws and increase speed and efficiency of service.
  • However, the advantages of IoT is not without threat from cybercriminals. DDoS attacks have become very common these days leaving connected devices such as DVRs, security cameras, etc. vulnerable. For example, Mirai malware gets access to the devices through default username and password. It is powerful in a way that it can turn connected devices into remotely controlled bots. Once the control is established, it is then used to launch an attack on the large-scale network. Its objective is to increase traffic on the website to the extent that it starts malfunctioning. This kind of malware is open-source so that anyone can access and modify the code causing damage.
  • With IoT successfully connecting devices across the globe, it opens the scope for developing smart cities. Smart cities using IoT devices enable automation and remotely manages visitor helpdesks, self-service kiosks, video camera surveillance systems, car rental stations, and taxis services.
  • Along with the convenience of connected devices, huge data gets accumulated in the backend. All voice-controlled devices starting from thermostats, lighting systems, and coffee makers - they record the habits and usage patterns of an individual and that data is then used in machine learning. Hence, this type of artificial intelligence where the machine learns based on past preferences helps the IoT device market to gain prominence.
  • Routers act as the hub of IoT devices; hence it is vulnerable too. Since the router is the entry point of connection in a home, securing it is important to ensure a smart and secured home IoT device.
  • The digitized world is waiting for the fifth-generation cellular wireless network to capture the market. It ensures greater speed and efficiency to connect more smart devices. Hence there is an increase in data accumulation and analysis resulting in more innovation.
  • Considering the growth of the 5G market, industry experts are raising a concern about the privacy and security features that are installed to handle direct attacks via the 5G network. Also, cloud-based storage options create open grounds for hackers and cybercriminals to operate.
  • The automotive sector will have a tremendous impact from the connected IoT devices. Apart from self-driven cars, it will enhance the safety features to a great extent.
  • According to Forbes, by the end of this year, almost 87% of the healthcare organizations will rely upon IoT to complete their business operations. This will enhance patient’s wellbeing with monitored health check-ups, routine consultation, prescribed drug administration, booking appointments and tracking patient’s medical history.

Stay connected!

Since innovation is constant and neutral, IoT too is expected to grow and become an extended part of human intelligence and capability. The convenience and benefits associated with IoT will induce further growth of the technology. In the days to come, IoT will become more reliable for users to stay connected always.

- Kathakali Basu
Content Writer
Infoholic Research