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Content Marketing - How to Build an Audience that Builds Your Digital Business?

June, 2019

Even if you are not a new-age entrepreneur, content marketing by now would have taken a prominent place in your entire business process. It is an effective tool to onboard potential customers by sharing with them industry insights, market-related information and interesting data-driven content. There are certain rules that one must follow to ensure effectiveness in content marketing. They are:

  1. The content has to be original and creative

  2. The brand messaging has to be conveyed clearly

  3. The social media platforms have to be leveraged effectively for promotion

  4. The messaging should not focus on selling, rather telling a story

  5. Patience is the key to benefit from content marketing


Content, content everywhere, not a relevant inch to read. Thus, the key objective while undertaking any content marketing assignment is to ensure that all the content forms are relevant to the target audience, are useful to them and helps strike an engaging conversation to stay ahead of competition. Even consumers need space, space to be left out and not forced upon a product/service. Thus, the content generated should be written and developed in a manner that enhances their value chain and helps retain customers, even attract new ones.

Content marketing is a precise term for building brand reputation. Enabling a brand to stay at the top of the mind recall is definitely key to nurturing valuable business. Thus, blogs, articles, whitepapers, though leadership papers, infographics – everything put together should create a resonance in the minds of customers and propel them to come back, wanting to know more.

As pointed out earlier, not only emerging companies in diverse industry verticals adopt content marketing, even the enterprise biggies have conformed to deploying resources towards content marketing for a sturdy digital presence. The best part of a content marketing strategy is that can build an audience set to augment the Digital Business, even without a hefty marketing budget. It works, and if delivered with consistency, it does offer businesses royal returns such as repeat customers.

Thus, the key motto should be to bring the audience to your content and hold their attention back for optimum results. This may take time, as the internet in today’s world is flooded content. However, most of them have short attention spans, and that is where one has to maximise the opportunity to identify the gap and create your own opportunities to structure and build the digital business.

– Kathakali Basu
Manager – Content Marketing & Strategy
Infoholic Research