Conductive Threads with Thermochromic Pigment- Boosting Smart Clothing Industry

October, 2017

Evolution of Thermochromics world is non-judgmental with its beauty being found in various aspects of our lives. The science behind this beauty, always had been an interesting part that excites the researchers. It became a strong fragment of our day to day life that we can see this from mood rings to smart packaging of beverages. Now the colour morphing magic isn’t limited to drinks, it is exploring new application areas such as the fabric industry.

This conductive thread with thermochromics pigment enables one to switch your shirt from black to green without any extra effort or cost of an extra shirt. It explored the potential of Thermochromics Pigment in the textiles to facilitates the new and improved designing. The coated conductive thread with Thermochromics Pigment changes colours in slow, subtle, ways, and when it weaved into fabrics, it creates calming animations that move across the threads.

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There are many developments going on across the globe in this apparel industry. Cornell students in the department of Fibre Science & Apparel Design studied the comfortability and sensibility of athlete wear, which can help the athlete’s health and performance.

Using Thermochromics Pigment in polyester fibres one can determine overheated temperature of athlete that when his or her body temperature increase causes change in fabric colour. So, we can say that in this area the active-wear manufacturing unit has opened-up a whole new potential area of growth.

Thermochromic colours weaved into fabric is also making entry to smart fashion industry where electronic displays, lightnings and equipment have been dominating since the long back. For instance reversible and irreversible thermochromic pigments have unique colour changing property, which makes them useful in various smart cloths, accessories and applications.

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With the help of thermochromic ink, a plain single-color t-shirt reveals multicolor design when exposed to ambient temperature e.g. sun-light on beach. Slowly and gradually, thermochroic is expanding its area from intelligent or smart packaging, to textile industry area which has an advantage of ever growing market.

Thermochromic pigments is also expected to play major role in military/defence clothing industry which is forecast to reach $434.5 million by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 117.4% during the forecast period 2016–2022.