Coinciding Technology with Sleep Science

April, 2018

A sound sleep is important to everyone as it increases the ability to focus more and at the same time boosts alertness. Smart sleep devices are the new addition to multiple smart digital platforms and intelligent solutions that are introduced in the market to provide consumer’s insights about their health by combining technology, people and data.

Most of the sleep tracking devices tracks user parameters like heart rate, breathing frequency along with brain activity which helps to monitor sleeping habits. But, the real differentiator among these products is how it can improve sleep. Some products do it by using relaxing word or word sequences which helps to reduce stress. Some products match sound to breathing rhythms which helps to calm an individual down to help drift to sleep faster.

Companies like Philips and Dream have come up with sensor headband which monitors an individual’s sleeping habits and identifies when a person enters into deep sleep. The product is designed with a customized algorithm with adjustable volume and tone emission level to enhance slow wave activity in the brain. The clinically proven wearable device comes with a deep sleep quality useful for people who do not get enough sleep.

Major Product Highlights:

  • Synchronizes brain activity: The product uses different pattern of sounds to improve sleep quality by using special bone conduction technology which carefully diffuses sound to one’s inner ear via forehead.

  • Technology to boost sleep in real time: The products comes with an advanced sleep analysis algorithms feature which is capable of producing customized audio tones which enhances the duration and depth of slow wave sleep without using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This feature has been developed in consultation with world’s neurologists with expertise in sleeping habits.

  • Combines safety with technology: The solution is uniquely designed and built using close to 3 billion night sleep data recorded over a span of 10 years. The data gives the product an edge to position and combine it with detailed clinical knowledge intended to provide consumer with the best possible experience.

  • Enhances work productivity: Studies have shown that close to 50% of the youth sleep less than the minimum required sleep every day. This unique product allows youths to enhance their sleep by helping them to get into a deep sleep zone or slow wave sleep which is critical in resetting brains to perform better and be more focused and alert. Further it also makes youth more alert during the day with enhanced memory consolidation and daytime energy.

  • An app to guide on sleeping habits: The sleep improving product has an app which records and provides suggestions on sleep improvement over a period of time. Further the app acts as a treasure of personalized sleep Information as it automatically uploads sleep data to the cloud with personalized sleep report.

  • Enhances peek sleeping time: These products come with sound-based sleep induction feature which make use of meditation, biofeedback and cognitive training techniques. It makes use of each of these methods to tackle a particular sleep problem and helps reduce average fall sleep time by up to 35%.

  • Customized wake up time: The product has the capability to measure and track brain and body activity during different sleep phases in real time. It detects the most optimal time to wake up a person using advanced predictive algorithm and ensures that the person wakes up feeling completely refreshed.

To conclude, one can say more often we need measuring tools which can monitor sleep which is a complex task and mastering it begins with better understanding. The primary objectives of the headband is to track and analyze sleep and come up with a comprehensive report which helps understand sleeping habits better and accordingly take steps to improve it.

- Pavan Mudholkar,
Infoholic Research