Ambient Intelligence – The Next Technology Revolution

October, 2018

The mobile computing revolution is expected to take a new turn in the next ten years with the implementation of Ambient Intelligence. This technology will embed multiple devices located at different places into a single platform, allowing people access to grocery stores, hospitals, transport services, and offices from their home itself. It creates an artificial environment wherein; all the devices work in tandem to support people in carrying out their day-to-day activities. It performs these functions using information hidden in the network by connecting different devices.

Key technologies influencing the adoption of Ambient Intelligence:

Ambient Intelligence’s capability to automatically anticipate customer requirement and personalize their services makes it one of the sought-after technologies in the years to come.

  • Ubiquitous Communication - It integrates multiple devices like computers, laptops, tablets and other microprocessors into objects like refrigerator and television. It further enables these objects to communicate with each other by means of ad-hoc and wireless networking to create a paradigm of information linked with day-to-day activities.

  • Intelligent User Interface - It helps in interpreting different interfaces to better understand personalized user requirement and guides in further interactions. It enables the inhabitants to take control of the user environment in a natural and personalized way using different voices, gestures, preferences and contexts.

     Advantages of adopting Ambient Intelligence

  • Enhances security - People are constantly looking for smarter systems that are more accurate and easier to use. Ambient Intelligence provides scope to integrate different security devices like integrating security camera to a doorbell, allowing a user to remotely view the visitors.

  • Personalized shopping experience - Retailers are constantly under pressure to understand customer requirements in advance. Companies like Amazon and Alibaba have started with the concept of unmanned supermarkets by leveraging Ambient Intelligence, which helps in gathering customer insights using myriad data sources to create a comprehensive understanding of each customer.

  • Workplace Safety - Ambient Intelligence has the ability to reduce accidents in production plants and construction sites caused mainly due to lack of compliance to safety regulations. It generates immediate alerts to the manager in case of any safety rule violation and further provides updates on environmental standards.

  • Ambient Assisted Living - The primary aim of this system is to provide smart technologies and remote care services to older people in their home environment. It allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor and support the elderly population in an efficient manner. It simplifies their daily lives and reduces the dependency on others. The platform provides elderly citizens to reinforce their personal freedom and remain independent in their usual surroundings.


Ambient Intelligence is still in the nescient stage but has the potential to create disruption in many existing business models. Although it requires tremendous amount of emphasis on accuracy and reliability, the future looks bright with people starting to enjoy the benefits offered by the application.

– Pavan Mudholkar,
Sr Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research