5 Effective Content Marketing Trends to Improve Your Strategy

June, 2019

Need for content marketing

For a business to stay efficient and register consistent growth, it needs to depend upon content marketing, which mainly revolves around creation, publication and distribution of content to achieve the desired end result. With an objective to create genuinely interesting and useful content for the focused group to create brand visibility, content marketing is slowly and steadily gaining popularity, connecting brand to customer.

What is content marketing?

Content is the base of marketing which can actually decide the fate of the product. It can create a brand image of a company and generate awareness among its target audience. Based on the content marketing trend, one can outline personalized content strategy. Brands and marketers are seriously considering the relevance of content personalization. It is about creation of personalized content for the target group based on their interest and preference.

Trends that help to create strategy

With each passing year, the scope of content marketing is growing, making the approach of marketers more mature.

  • Content is the key factor to form digital marketing technique, starting from SEO to social media marketing or generate marketing influencers. Content marketing can help to fulfill digital marketing goals, to its best advantage.

  • A visual content always stands out and by far is the most popular format. Either infographics, photos, videos or memes - all can create visual impact on marketing the product. However, a content with video is expected to create more hype among consumers. Thus, one can plan the content strategy through prioritization of visual content.

  • There is a growing trend among brands to partner with influencers to create, distribute and promote content. Currently, influencer content is part of the market strategy. The target here is to utilize the expertise and reputation of the influencer to create an impact on the consumer market. Blog, social media posts or review from an influencer will promote the product or service. The concept of micro-influencers has also emerged with time, where the influencer marketing is done at a smaller scale.

  • In order to gain consumer loyalty and build a positive brand image, authenticity and relevance are required. Infact, marketers believe that gaining consumer’s faith decides on the success of content marketing.

  • Niche content often yield positive result impacting the focused group. Also, marketers use tools like BuzzSumo and Google Trends to find related topics to create niche content.


In order to create an effective content, one needs to consider three important elements - the target audience, business objective and right method of content promotion. The priority of content marketing should be narration of the brand story while focusing on consumer-centric strategy. Along with the goal of creating a brand awareness, there should also be considerable emphasis on lead generation. Infact, for a successful content marketing process, a goal needs to be in place like creating social media engagement, enhancing organic search traffic and converting visitors to potential buyers. Apart from product reviews and blog posts, visual content marketing such as infographics and videos does create a huge impact. Sales is one of the key determinants to gauge the success of the content and a lot depends upon paid advertisement and promotion along with distribution through social media posts, email newsletters and events that can influence consumers to invest in a product or service.

– Kathakali Basu
Content Writer,
Infoholic Research