15 Market Research Tools That Will Boost Your Output

June, 2016

Since ancient times man used tools to make his work easy. Now we have reached an eon that human beings will be termed as incomplete without these tools.

In every aspect of our lives, we can see the effect and impact the tools have dented. And it is not different when it comes to Market research.


Listed below are 15 extra ordinary software tools which will thrust your market researching skill to new level and offer you premium insights at frail time.


1. Think with Google: Marketers Almanac

Think with google
This tool as Google puts it, is resource for everything that assists from high-level insights and deck-ready stats to beneficial tools. This tool offers information that Google explores and generate trends that they tracking. Also, the tool offers forward-looking perspectives along with behind-the-scenes looks at digital campaigns across various industries, platforms and audience base.

With this tool you also can obtain perceptions and patters of people’s buying behaviour in all season!

Charge: Free


2. Google Trends, Google Alert and Google Map


Google has more to offer. These 3 products are a killer combo for researchers if used fittingly.

Google Trends: This amazing tool offers visual display of trends and topics with keywords. It further offers comparison of various subjects across decade.

2 Google Trends



Google Alert: Similar to RSS Feed, Google Alert provides daily emails on your Gmail account with sufficient content across the web on a subscribed topic. Anything that occurred while you are asleep, you can find right in your inbox next day. All you got to do is subscribe to it and Google will ensure you stay happily informed.

Google Alert



Google Map: Many may consider Google Map as navigation tool. However, Google Maps, Google Earth and Street View are the three things that can enable avid researchers identify places and devise strategy to use them the way they want to sitting on the other side of the globe!

Google Map


Charge: Free


3. Statistia



Statista is among the leading statistics companies present online. Statista with its strong team provides users with a highly innovative and intuitive tool required to determine forecast, researching quantitative data, statistics and associated information.

This tool offers forecast details of 50 countries on 80,000 topics and has a repository of more than 10,000 dossiers and reports. Even World Street Journal and Boston Consultancy Groups use their reports.

Charge: Basic Account: Free, Premium Account: $49 and Corporate Account is customizable.


4. Survey Monkey:


Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is prevalent online survey software. The tool makes it very easy to create survey questionnaires and generate polls to gather information for customer satisfaction as well as employee engagement.

This survey based tool also allows you to ‘Buy Targeted Audience’, ‘Make Smarter Decision’ and ‘Customize with your Business Needs’.

Charge: Basic Account: Free, Select Account: $26/month, Gold Account: $25/month, Platinum Account: $85/month (per user)

5. Hoover’s:



Hoover's is an US based business research company maintaining a database of more than 87 million companies, 100 million people working as researchers and editorial stuffs, and 900 industry segments.

One can expect a comprehensive insight and analysis on key industries (both public, non-public and Multinational Companies) and even people The company offer subscriptions and fantastic UI to research all the data one needs from a company that is in their data. Also expect up dates with customisable news besides social media alerts.

Charge: Free subscription and paid


6. AYTM:



AYTM or Ask Your Target Market enables you to design surveys on the fly plus send them to your lists of customer base. AYTM panel has more than 25  million people that it offers to get surveys from. Effective targeting criteria like demography, geographic region, assortment of closed and open-ended questions including well as images and videos are available in plenty with this tool.

Charge: It starts at 95 cents per completed survey. However, prices depend on the number as well as types of questions asked to the customers and the targeting criteria.


7. HubSpot Research:



HubSpot Research is a terrific online research tool that assists digging out insights of website traffic across divers industries. It also proffers info on how effective advertisings are in different regions round the globe.

Check out free research reports HubSpot Research has got for you. More so its Research's presentation-builder tool has can easily compile stats and charts exported into a customized slide deck.

Charge: Free


8. Factiva:



Factiva is a high-end business information and financial  as well as  market research tool owned by Dow Jones & Company. It has access to 32000 of quality news and information sources (Newspaper, journal, TV magazine etc.) on a startling 22 million public and private companies. Its contents are available in 28 languages too, making it highly imperative for global conduct.

This reputed institution boasts to cuts through the noise to surface business-critical information. Facilitating research on any topic or industry to create a daily company newsletter, Factiva’s contribution on information is unmatched.

Charge: Individual subscription costs $249/month per up to 100 document downloads, and $399/ month per user for unlimited downloads.


9. S & P Capital IQ:



For any financial researcher S & P Capital IQ is the ultimate dynamite. It offers web-based information services combining information of companies at global level along with diverse software applications. It allows financial professionals to analyse company fundamentals, build financial models, screen for investment ideas, etc. Capital IQ has more than 4,200 clients in investment banks, private equity firms and many more.

Components of Capital IQ’s provides details of M&A/financing transactions, public offerings, compensation, news, corporate executives and board directors, filings, screening tools, chart builder, Excel Plug-In modelling tool and much more!

Charge: Single user license: $20k (with discounts) 7 users: $60k


10. Pew Research Centre:


Pew Research

Pew Research Center is a repository of unbiased and trusted information from Journalism and Media domain.  This online database or FACT TANK contains issues, attitudes as well as trends shaping America and the world over. The organization collects vital data via conducting public opinion polling, content analysis, demographic research, and gamut of data-driven social science research.

Charge: Free.


11. QuestionPro:


Question Pro

QuestionPro is another pro online survey tool designed to meet the wishes of researcher who deals with most complex types of market research endeavours. Functionality such as branching or randomization, and/or piping are possible with simple point and click of your mouse button.

With 50 survey templates to choose from, easy and effective dissemination of forms via emails and social media to obtaining real-time report Question Pro shows it pro nature.

Charges: Free Account, Professional Account ($12 / month or Billed $144 annually), Corporate Account ($75 / month or Billed $899 annually) and Team Edition (Customized).


12. FreeLunchcom:


Free Lunch is a product by Moody's Analytics offered for free. It has an easy-to-use interface from where you can download financial as well as economic data from a diverse amount of reliable sources.

Moody's Analytics has comprehensive and wide-ranging historical and forecast data. It covers more than 180 countries and has a staggering databases of more than 200 million economic, demographic, financial and consumer credit time series. Also 10 million data is added every year.

Charge: Free


13. Toluna (Panel Portal):



Toluna is counted among leading provider of real-time digital consumer insights. From empowering companies to brainstorm ideas to discover new business opportunities and answer their questions Toluna excel everywhere. Toluna claims to have world’s largest social voting community with 9 million members across 49 countries.

Toluna has a dynamic analytical tool called- Panel Portal that offers state-of-the-art, market research survey and investigation opportunity.

Charge: Based on Contact


14. Type Form:

Type Form


Typeform is one of the most dynamic Form making tool available on the web. Its intuitive UI/UX can enhance the look and feel of form completely plus it avails multiple choice image options. It's easy-to-use and mobile-optimized form-builder aids for quick gathering of feedback.

Charge: Free for Basic, $35/month for Pro, $70/month for Pro+


15. Social Mention:


When market is finding a great place in Social Media platforms, a tool to search and analyse is highly imperative. Social Mention therefore comes in as a real-time social media search engine giving insights on prospective customers who are trending or buzzing about online.

The UI is simple, just type a keyword, and Social Mention will display a list of recent social posts that contain the keyword. Further with the list of related keywords it shows other vital data.

Charge: Free


Hope these tools assist your market research possibilities four folds. We will come up with more such insights. Keep visiting!

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