Best Sourcing Country Analysis

Large companies with global supply chains are focussed on reducing their overall procurement cost as well as associated risks. Traditionally, formulation of overseas sourcing strategy was focussed only around the cost of the item to be sourced. Infoholic’s Best Sourcing Country Analysis (BSCA) goes beyond the traditional ‘Low-cost country sourcing’ and considers multiple hidden cost factors, risk factors and supply market capability to decide on the best sourcing country.

Methodology Overview:

5 Steps approach to identify the Best Sourcing Country:

  • 1.Export Capability Analysis
  • 2.Supplier Density Mapping
  • 3.Pricing Analysis
  • 4.Inflation and Macroeconomic Analysis
  • 5.Regulatory, Compliance and Other Risk Analysis

Salient Features and Key Advantages

  • 1.Analysis beyond just cost competitiveness, Inclusion of multiple parameters ensures ‘Best sourcing countries are identified’ in the true sense
  • 2.Country level supply market intelligence from procurement perspective
  • 3.Enhanced visibility on country and company level risk & mitigation
  • 4.Significant savings in overall procurement expenditure
  • 5.Add-on services can be used for accurate and effective supplier selection

Who Can Use It

  • 1.Procurement Leaders and Decision Makers
  • 2.Supply Chain and Sourcing Professionals
  • 3.Strategy and Market Intelligence Teams
  • 4.CXO Level Position Holders
  • 5.Consulting and Market Research Professionals
  • 6.Owners of SBs and MBs Exploring Strategic Sourcing


Beyond BSCA

In addition to BSCA output, Infoholic will provide additional procurement/supply market intelligence in the form of:

  • 1.Export Market Characteristics
  • 2.Supplier Pool Analysis
  • 3.Supplier Identification Matrix
  • 4.Price Benchmarking at Supplier/Country Level
  • 5.Supplier/Country Level: Export Cost and Order Turnaround Time Analysis