Battle Card (Competitive Profiles)

Battle Card!

Any vendor can provide you with a competitive profile with generic and repetitive content that includes basic SWOT and PEST Analysis. Competitive profiles, created by Infoholic Research, are exclusive in a manner that they provide in-depth coverage of a company, on top of the regular SWOT analysis. Such profiles offer an in-depth insight of the unique aspects of the company, which a regular competitive profile would not touch upon. Simply put, consider our competitive profiles as 'Battle Cards'.

What is Battle Card?

Battle Card is an exclusive offering from Infoholic Research in terms of providing competitive insights. A Battle Card comprises of the ubiquitous competitive profile such as SWOT Analysis and financials etc., as well as cover unique aspects such as analysis of various business aspects, including but not limited to short-term and long-term plans of the company, latest business deals of the company and the probable impact of such developments on the strategic plans of the company, among others. The profile also includes an unbiased analyst opinion of the company in question.

Please find below a list of all the competitive profiles available for immediate purchase, as well as our upcoming offerings. Upcoming offerings can be ordered and would be delivered within two (2) business days from receipt of payment. Alternatively, you can also request for our customized Battle Card for a peer-to-peer comparative analysis.

Comparative Analysis of Vendors - Customization of Battle Card

While a Battle Card by itself is a distinct offering from Infoholic Research, our customized Battle Card is the icing on the cake. The exceptional feature of the Battle Card from Infoholic Research lies in the customization abilities we offer, especially in terms of comparative peer-to-peer analysis of your company with any company from the list or any other company of your choice. The comparative analysis would cover multiple aspects of your business with relation to your competitor. We believe competition in the present day is a Battle, and our customized Battle Card would not only enable you to win the battle but also the War.

Please provide your details below to request for a sample customized Battle Card. The sample would enable you to understand know how we can provide matchless insights into competition with our customized Battle Card and learn about ways your company can benefit from such unique insights. Draw out the daggers and get ready for the battle.